Monday, September 30, 2013

Toddler Milestone: Coloring

Good morning, everyone!

It’s the start of the week.  I have so much kwento about our weekend – because we were so happy last weekend bonding with my side of the family.  But I’m still waiting for my cousin, Kim, to give me the pics for complete visual kwento hehe

By the way, I blogged before that Neo is very fond of writing.  He still loves writing but it only came second best to his new love: coloring.  We bought him a coloring book when we went to the Book Fair at SMX earlier this month.  I also bought him a normal size color (Leo argued na Neo should be using the big ones kasi that’s for small kids daw, but I still bought the normal size since Neo can hold it perfectly well naman).

We encourage Neo to do these things to improve his skills.  Pero I highly discourage him coloring our walls.  When he points at his coloring materials, I always provide paper for him.  Ayoko naman maging isang malaking masterpiece ang bahay namin.

Sharing you some of his masterpieces from the coloring book.

Happy Monday!

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