Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #3 (Part2) – SM Megamall

SM Megamall is just one tumbling away from Robinson’s Galleria so we decided to go there.  According to the mommy behind me sa line ng Breeze SigeLand, there’s a Pororo event daw there.  Neo loves Pocoyo and Pororo – so whatever makes Neo happy, we will go.

When we were at the parking lot, I saw a sign of SM Kid’s Fashion Fair.  So we went muna sa Mega Trade Hall to look for nice kid’s clothes for Neo and my inaanaks.

Then we roam around Mega Mall looking for Pororo – but no Pororo event was in sight.  We just went inside the Toy Store to look for Neo’s Halloween costume.  Makikihalloween event daw sya sa neighborhood. And he saw this:


Thomas and Friends’ lego.

Neo also love Thomas and Friends.  Dami nyang love no?  Ganun siguro ang toddlers, they are easy to please.

Then we passed by the Thor booth at their activity area.  They have a challenge wherein people will get ung pamalo ni Thor and shout “I am Thor!” at the top of their lungs, then thunder sound effect will boom.  Neo is so afraid of thunder sound.  So imagine ang hirap to have him in this picture hahaha :D

Anyways, we went to Resorts World yesternight to watch Thor 2: The Dark World – a prize I won from Nuffnang and Globe.  Will be blogging about it soon.

Also, Ate Espie had some personal errands to attend to so from Saturday morning to Monday lunch time, it was just Papa, Mama, and Neo.  Here the little boy was making pa-cute while Papa cooks breakfast and Mama cleans the dishes and milk bottles.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #3 (Part 1) – Breeze SigeLand 3

It’s midweek already and it’s just now na makakapagkwento ako ng aming weekend.  Sorry for the late kwento ha?  These past days, I have been experiencing headache again (time of the month L ).

Okay, let’s start.  Our initial plan for last weekend was to start decorating our house for Christmas.  But last Thursday, Breeze announced that they will be hosting SigeLand 3 at Robinson’s Galleria.  Robinson’s Galleria is like 3hours away from our house at Gen Trias – but since it’s a long weekend, and for change of scenery and environment, we decided to go.

Breeze posted that the event will start at 12noon and ends at 6pm.  Remember last June, we went at SigeLand 1 where Neo got his toy bike?  That event started at 10am, and we arrived at 11am.  So uber late na kami and the line is too long na.  So this time, we decided na we will be early.  We went out of our house past 9am and arrived at Robinson’s Galleria at 1130am.  It’s Saturday and we have our own transport so why the long travel time?  Thanks to the reblocking done by MMDA, we encountered so much traffic in Baclaran. L  

When we arrived, super long line awaited us.  And we were not allowed to fall in line pa.  We were asked by the attendant to buy 700gms of Breeze product worth Php90+ in Robinson’s Supermarket as a prerequisite in having a free toy. 

Look at all those people lining up for a free toy.

I lost track of time since Leo and I are swapping places in entertaining Neo while the other one is falling in line.  Nakakainip din kasi pumila and Neo is agitated and cranky na.  There is an activity area for kids but you need to buy packs and packs of Breeze to enter. I can’t buy groceries on my own with Neo e. 

Dawn Zulueta arrived to grace the event.  According to the mommies who got the chance to take a picture with her, she is still young looking.  Well, good for her.  Sana when I age ganun din ako LOL.

We fall in line around 1130am, and got Neo’s toy at 3pm.  Kinabahan pa ako because when we were 3 people away from the registration, the host announced that the registration will be closed since no toys na daw.  Kakaloka.  Sa haba at tagal ng pinila namin.  Good thing, may natira pa for Neo.

 I so love Leo for being patient. We were so hungry and tired.  But the smile on Neo’s face when he was given the painting set was priceless.

Neo’s free toy – a painting set.

That just proves that parents love their children so much that we will endure pain and hardship just to see them smile.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Exercising Our Right To Vote

Last Senatorial Elections, I was part of the team in our company to handle our election coverage – so needless to say, I wasn’t able to vote.  Now, I am excited to exercise my right to vote.  And since this time, we don’t have a coverage for the Barangay elections because it’s not National.

We woke up early because Leo and I are voters of different municipalities.  Off we went to Dasma first for me to vote.

A tent occupied by members of Comelec to help people who don’t know their precinct.  I didn’t visit them since I have my voter’s ID with me.

Crowded place – honestly, less crowded na iyan kesa sa mga nagdaang elections.

My precinct.

My area of voting is at Salawag Elementary School, the school with the highest number of voters in Cavite.  One classroom divided into 2 areas (curtain as division), one area hosts 3-4 precincts.  Dami no?

And yes, I was able to vote. (mine is the one in the right.  Left one is my brother’s).

So go ahead guys, exercise your right to vote. J 

Barangay Elections

Today is the Barangay Elections.  Guys, vote wisely.  Remember that the Baranggay is the basic unit of our government (just like family is the basic unit of the society).  So we have to be very careful who we put into office.  Make sure they adhere and believe in the same values you do.

Leo and I are registered voters of different areas in Cavite e.  He, in Gen Trias and me, at Dasma.  That is 20-30mins away by car.  So off we go to exercise our right to vote.

Again, vote wisely J

And, Happy non-working Monday!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

9 Love Notes of October

Have you tried leaving love notes for your hubbies or partners?  I did – at the start of this month until October 9.  October is Leo’s birth month.  I want to make it extra special by leaving love notes for him every day in our cabinet.  I will wake up in the morning and leave the note in the cabinet so when he prepares for work, he will see it.

I prepared these notes before October, so I have 9 small card notes in my pouch.  On the 3rd day, Leo, who already received 2 love notes, checks my bag for something and saw these small card notes.  He told me he was tempted to read them all.  Kaloka.  Buti na lang he didn’t kundi wala na ang surprise in reading those notes.

This may be a very simple gesture in showing how much I love my hubby, but I know he appreciates it (di ba, love?).  So muthers, I encourage you to go ahead and try to do this.  J 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #2

Hello Guys!  How was your weekend?  I was dead tired yesterday due to all the walking we did last weekend.  I’ll make some detailed kwento today.  Saturday morning, we decided to walk around our subdivision and play with the RC that Leo bought.  This is a cheap one lang ha?  But Neo is so amazed.  He even tried playing with the remote control.

Papa and Neo walking hand in hand to the vacant lot.

Neo with Papa’s RC plane.

We did our grocery at SM Bacoor and since it’s their 3 day sale, we didn’t tag Neo along.  Jam-packed ang tao sa SM Bacoor during sale, and I don’t want to risk na mapitpit si Neo.  Our grocery cost almost twice as our normal weekly grocery.  Neo kasi is a big boy na and consumes more milk and diaper.  He also eats regular food na din.  He gained so much weight lately.  I'm not complaining and I'm glad he's growing up healthy.

I also bought him a Thomas and Friends pajama set which I had giftwrapped at SM.  I want to see his joy of tearing a wrapper.  And he was indeed happy, exclaiming “WOW” when he saw Thomas.

Neo exclaiming “Wow” at his new pajama set.

When we arrived home, I was greeted by these goodies from SampleRoom.

Goodies from Sample Room – Try before you buy.

Sunday naman, we met with my cousins and Tita at Festival mall to attend church and lunch together.  I told you I love Victory Alabang’s Toddler Room, di ba?  Sayang, we’re not allowed to take pictures in there. We just took this photo at their SuperBook set up. 

 Neo loves SuperBook.  Remember when we were kids and the SuperBook looks like this?

Now, ganito na ang hitsura ng SuperBook.  Neo calls it “bobook”.

Neo would even chant when they sing the theme song, Salvation Poem.  Let’s sing with them:

“Jesus You died upon a cross
And rose again to save the lost
Forgive me now of all my sin
Come be my Savior, Lord, and Friend

Change my life and make it new
And help me Lord to live for You

Change my life and make it new
And help me Lord to live for You”

 and, matatapos ba naman ang weekend ng walang sugat si Neo?  Syempre hindi. 

These are what I call Neo's Battle scars as he grow up and learn new things.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Calories Burned Walking

There are lots of calories burned walking.  I love walking.  I know there are a lot of benefits of walking though I’m not sure what those are – it’s just that I do love to walk.  However, lately I easily get tired of walking.  This weekend, I have been walking and walking and walking too much, so now I am dead tired.

Last Friday, you already know that the Provincial Bus Terminal is located at Coastal Mall at Paranaque.  Leo and I decided to roam that mall.  When I was a kid, this mall used to be so grand.  Long ago, located in this mall is my most loved branch of National bookstore which has a wide space and sells books are low rates.  There were lots of stores in this mall before.  But now, it looks sad na.  Onti na lang ang nagtitinda.  But we were able to buy some nice Christmas decors at a low price – yun lang, medyo maalikabok na though really nice pieces.  Super pagod ang paa ko sa lakad.

Then Saturday, we decided to walk around our subdivision.  Leo bought pala an RC airplane, so we went at the vacant lot for Neo to enjoy it habang lumilipad.  After walking around our place, we went to SM Bacoor to do our groceries.  3 day sale ang SM Bacoor.  There were lots of people.  Ikot dito, ikot doon ang ginawa namin.  Super pagod ang paa ko sa lakad part2.

Then Sunday, we decided to meet with my cousins and tita at Festival Alabang.  Lunch and church together lang.  This is the first time we went to church at Victory Alabang.  They have a very nice toddler room which Neo enjoyed so much.  Our church is Victory Dasma and there is a plan for Kid’s Church expansion, sana they do it like that in Victory Alabang.  Back to my kwento, we roam around Festival Mall.  Walk and walk and walk lang ang drama namin.  My cousins super love Neo but since Neo is heavy na for them, so Neo was walking and walking din.  Super pagod ang paa ko sa lakad part3.

I feel so tired talaga today promise.  Looking at the good side, I browsed through NutriStrategy and see below the calories burned walking (it's dependent pala sa weight, and I can't see where my weight is so I don't know exactly how much I burned - sana madami dami).

Sana nakatulong sa aking pagpapapayat.  Nga pala, last week, this is my lunch and snack for the whole work week.  Nakakasawa din pala L

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Video Watching

Yesternight, when we were preparing to sleep, Neo and I decided to browse through his baby pictures.  He can’t identify himself with the baby Neo.  He would constantly say, “baby” to his old pictures.  When we browse through some of his videos, I saw him react differently.  He would laugh with his laughing video and cry with his crying video.  At 22months pala toddlers know na how to react while watching.  Here are both videos he laughed and cried with.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vikings’ Birthday Celebration

Ever since I’ve heard about Vikings Luxury Buffet at MOA, some time ago, I was really lusting to go.  Then I heard about their birthday promo – which is the birthday celebrant gets to eat for free as long as he/she is with a paying adult.  Well, my next birthday would be next year pa, and since Leo’s birthday is this month, we decided to try it out.

The birthday boy at Vikings MOA.

I reserved our date some 2 weeks ago.  I read kasi at Maggie’s blog that Vikings was fully booked by September, and I got worried that we won’t be able to try it out if we fail to reserve ahead of time.  I reserved through facebook, @ Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant.  They instantly confirmed my reservation and were very proactive in reminding us through text message a day before Leo’s birthday.  They advised us that our reservation will be hold from 5:30 – 6:30pm.

We arrived at MOA ahead of time so we went to buy Leo’s birthday cake first.  And since we don’t want to pay double parking fee, Leo just parked his car at Vikings and we walked to the main mall.  Kaloka lang ang layo ng lakaran.

By 6pm, we were backed at Vikings ready to eat our sumptuous dinner J They offer variety of dishes – all different types of cuisine.  Photo blog lang ako ha?

Seafood-something… (Sorry forgot the name)

Very yummy kebab. 

Combined salad dishes (not sure what’s the name of each one, pero the plate consists of 5 kinds of salad) hehe 

 Lotsa lotsa breads.

Sushi and maki.

 Yummy dessert area.

 Halo-halo station.

My dessert plate. 

Beer Tiramisu

They also gave Leo a small birthday cake – which we asked them to wrap for take-out.

They also sang a birthday song for Leo.  The staffs were very hyper when they were singing.  When they finished their song, they teased me pa to kiss Leo daw.  I begged off kasi nahiya ako sa mga tao.  When they were walking away, they sang pa: “Kaibigan lang pala….kaibigan lang pala…” kaloka! Hahahaha, they thought we are on courting stage pa lang :D

All in all, super sulit and sarap ng experience.  They refilled foods fast.  The staffs are courteous.  Our table is very small (fit for 2 people lang), but I'm not complaining kasi the staffs would get agad the empty plates para hindi masikip.  

I am not a very good buffet-eater eh.  I tend to drool at food and get too much for my consumption (ending, si Leo ang kumain).  I also became too full early so I wasn’t able to try too much food – though I am so partial with their kebab and cheese cake.

Oh, and look at our table number:

It’s our anniversary date, March 19 J

Vikings Buffet Price:

Check them out at: and

Belated Happy Birthday, love!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30

I have been a loyal Globe subscriber since 2004.  That long huh?  Yes.  So why do I stick with Globe?  Not that I don’t want the other networks – it’s just that Globe gives me the reason not to switch – satisfaction.  If you’re a satisfied subscriber, why change networks, right?

I started with Globe being a prepaid subscriber.  I switch being a postpaid subscriber last 6 years ago. And I get to retain my prepaid number via LoadTipidPlan.  Convenient ‘no?  So I get the benefit of both worlds – prepaid and postpaid J.  I love using Globe’s Unli promos because this way, I get to call and text my friends and love ones in the other network in a tipid way. 

Now Globe has a new promo, which is the GoUnli30.  This gives me the chance to call all I want my friends who are TM and Globe subscribers, text all I want all my friends (because it’s unlimited text to all networks), and chat all I can using different apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line.  I am partial to FB messenger though.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get once you GoUnli30.

Ø  With GoUNLI30, subscribers get unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited chat with the best messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges. Available for only P30 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI30 gives you no excuse to stay out of the loop and connect with more than 1 billion users around the world regardless of mobile network or location.

Go all-out unlimited with GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now. Register by dialing *143# and then choosing GoSAKTO on your Globe mobile phone or texting GOUNLI30 or UNLICHAT25 to 8888

Family Weekend Kwento - #1

Happy Monday everyone!

Have you notice, I always start greeting you guys every start of the week by Happy Monday…?  I got that when I was still working in the BPO industry.  Everybody kasi looks gloomy during Mondays since it’s the start of the week so we need to greet each other Happy Monday hahaha :D

I’ll also be using the title: Family Weekend Kwento for all my weekend kwentos.  I spend my weekend with my family and thinking of different titles for weekend kwentos is tiring hahaha.  So I’ll just use one and insert a number.

Anyway, remember last weekend when I said we scheduled jogging in our activities but since I don’t feel okay, we postponed it.  Well, this weekend, we tried to do it – just Neo and me.  Neo keeps chanting “Jajing! Jajing!” he was very cute.  But we haven’t gone far – no more than 200 meters, nadapa ang baby boy.  And here is the result.  He was crying so much.

He has bukol sa right side and galos on both knees.  Pawisan from jajing and iyak. Poor baby (Jajing pa? hehe)

 Better view of the bukol.

We also fetch Neo’s Mamita at Alabang so she can stay with us and bond with Neo.  She misses Neo so much daw.  Mamita looked so much better.  Most of her pasa are gone na.  I told her about our trip to the dentist.  Her response,

Mamita:  Ano ang binalot mo kay Neo nung bagong panganak sya?

Me: Hoodie.  Pero nung last day namin sa hospital, ung damit ni Leo.  Kasi nagwiwi si Neo sa last damit nya, so wala na kaming pambalot. E may extra shirt si Leo kaya un na lang binalot namin.

Mamita: ah, kaya. Ganun daw un. Kaya maka-Papa si Neo.

Pamahiin…? Yes, no scientific claim but she might be right.  Next baby namin, ung damit ko naman para patas :P LOL

BTW,  the bukol subsided already.  Maliit na lang na red mark in his forehead.

Again, Happy Monday everyone J

Saturday, October 12, 2013

AirAsia Zest

Remember the post I made regarding online booking?  One of the notes I told you is to wait for promo fares – but with a disclaimer that whenever you book cheap fares, you have to be sure that you will be able to use that flight.  So why did I give you that disclaimer?  Because I booked lots of flights that I wasn’t able to take L  one of those flights is a flight from Manila to Cebu via Zest Air. 

This is one of the cheapest flights I booked.  Imagine, Php900 for 2 persons Manila – Cebu – Manila.  That’s a steal!  But why didn’t we take the flight?  Sad thing was, the flight was booked 1 year before the actual fly date and I became pregnant with Neo within the waiting time, which incidentally, Neo was 8months in my tummy when it’s time to use the flight.  So we just didn’t risk it.

Why am I telling you this?  Because Air Asia Philippines has synergized with Zest Air and this will give every Filipino the “Right Way to Fly” since they will now offer flights directly coming from Manila, NAIA Terminal 4 to be exact.  The new brand is now called AirAsia Zest – The Right Way to Fly – an affordable way to travel in the Philippines (Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan De Oro) and Asia (Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai, Incheon).  Cool right?

Zest Air to be rebranded as AirAsia Zest
Offering Filipinos more choices, better value and enhanced services across a combined, larger network.  AirAsia Zest may now take you to your destination at affordable prices (AirAsia Zest dares you to compare prices!)

This is good news for wannabe traveller like me.  I will now get to bring my hubby and son to Cebu (my family hailed from Cebu and Leo hasn’t been there.  That Zest Air flight should have been his ticket).  I especially want to have him roam around the capital and bond with my relatives there.  Also, there is this beautiful resort called Imperial palace (which my Tita Belle’s family brought my family to lounge) that I want Leo and Neo to experience.

 This is me at Imperial Palace.

I also want to bring Neo to Boracay.  This pristine island is where Leo and I had our honeymoon.  Too many beautiful memories that I have and would want to create pa.  Being a little shokoy (someone who loves water so much), I know Neo would love there too.

Our honeymoon at Boracay.  

And lastly, I wish I could go out of the country with my hubby and baby and head to Incheon, South Korea.  My friend Laine went there early this year and I’m drooling over the photos she posted.  I love watching Koreanovelas and it would be very kilig for me to go to this nice country with my family.

Well, good thing AirAsia Zest is now offering us to fly to these destinations directly from Manila at very affordable prices!  Wow!  I'm looking forward to duplicate my Php900 steal! Gotta apply that passport for Neo.

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