Thursday, October 24, 2013

9 Love Notes of October

Have you tried leaving love notes for your hubbies or partners?  I did – at the start of this month until October 9.  October is Leo’s birth month.  I want to make it extra special by leaving love notes for him every day in our cabinet.  I will wake up in the morning and leave the note in the cabinet so when he prepares for work, he will see it.

I prepared these notes before October, so I have 9 small card notes in my pouch.  On the 3rd day, Leo, who already received 2 love notes, checks my bag for something and saw these small card notes.  He told me he was tempted to read them all.  Kaloka.  Buti na lang he didn’t kundi wala na ang surprise in reading those notes.

This may be a very simple gesture in showing how much I love my hubby, but I know he appreciates it (di ba, love?).  So muthers, I encourage you to go ahead and try to do this.  J 


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