Monday, October 21, 2013

Calories Burned Walking

There are lots of calories burned walking.  I love walking.  I know there are a lot of benefits of walking though I’m not sure what those are – it’s just that I do love to walk.  However, lately I easily get tired of walking.  This weekend, I have been walking and walking and walking too much, so now I am dead tired.

Last Friday, you already know that the Provincial Bus Terminal is located at Coastal Mall at Paranaque.  Leo and I decided to roam that mall.  When I was a kid, this mall used to be so grand.  Long ago, located in this mall is my most loved branch of National bookstore which has a wide space and sells books are low rates.  There were lots of stores in this mall before.  But now, it looks sad na.  Onti na lang ang nagtitinda.  But we were able to buy some nice Christmas decors at a low price – yun lang, medyo maalikabok na though really nice pieces.  Super pagod ang paa ko sa lakad.

Then Saturday, we decided to walk around our subdivision.  Leo bought pala an RC airplane, so we went at the vacant lot for Neo to enjoy it habang lumilipad.  After walking around our place, we went to SM Bacoor to do our groceries.  3 day sale ang SM Bacoor.  There were lots of people.  Ikot dito, ikot doon ang ginawa namin.  Super pagod ang paa ko sa lakad part2.

Then Sunday, we decided to meet with my cousins and tita at Festival Alabang.  Lunch and church together lang.  This is the first time we went to church at Victory Alabang.  They have a very nice toddler room which Neo enjoyed so much.  Our church is Victory Dasma and there is a plan for Kid’s Church expansion, sana they do it like that in Victory Alabang.  Back to my kwento, we roam around Festival Mall.  Walk and walk and walk lang ang drama namin.  My cousins super love Neo but since Neo is heavy na for them, so Neo was walking and walking din.  Super pagod ang paa ko sa lakad part3.

I feel so tired talaga today promise.  Looking at the good side, I browsed through NutriStrategy and see below the calories burned walking (it's dependent pala sa weight, and I can't see where my weight is so I don't know exactly how much I burned - sana madami dami).

Sana nakatulong sa aking pagpapapayat.  Nga pala, last week, this is my lunch and snack for the whole work week.  Nakakasawa din pala L

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I have tasted that Quaker oats raisins.. ang sarap niya noh.. hindi nakakasaw for me.. but the oatmeal.. hindi tlaga me mahilig jan.kakaumay..

    1. there are variety, sis, nung quaker oats cookies (cinnamon, peanut butter, chocolate). its yummy, pero in the long run, nakakasawa din. but need to tiis, in the name of losing weight :) LOL

  2. I love eating oatmeal, that's my breakfast most of the time. Ung oatmeal cookies napag sawaan ko yan when i was pregnant with Cyler after snacking that for more than 3 mos. Parang ngaun whenever I see oatmeal cookies nauumay na agad ako. Hahaha! Anyway, walking is really a good exercise. Sama mo na rin sa diet mo ang fruits. Mag fruits kana rin! Rich in fiber un! :)

    1. haha, more on veggies ako, pero I'll try din ung fruits. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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