Monday, October 28, 2013

Exercising Our Right To Vote

Last Senatorial Elections, I was part of the team in our company to handle our election coverage – so needless to say, I wasn’t able to vote.  Now, I am excited to exercise my right to vote.  And since this time, we don’t have a coverage for the Barangay elections because it’s not National.

We woke up early because Leo and I are voters of different municipalities.  Off we went to Dasma first for me to vote.

A tent occupied by members of Comelec to help people who don’t know their precinct.  I didn’t visit them since I have my voter’s ID with me.

Crowded place – honestly, less crowded na iyan kesa sa mga nagdaang elections.

My precinct.

My area of voting is at Salawag Elementary School, the school with the highest number of voters in Cavite.  One classroom divided into 2 areas (curtain as division), one area hosts 3-4 precincts.  Dami no?

And yes, I was able to vote. (mine is the one in the right.  Left one is my brother’s).

So go ahead guys, exercise your right to vote. J 


  1. wow.. buti ka pa may pics... ako waley.. ang ang shunga ko.. may voters Id na nga ko,nag tatanong pa ko dun sa mga nasa tent,,, ahhahha.. epal lang.. Ok,tamad lang maghanap, I wanted to know lang the exact room..

    1. magkasunod kasi ang precinct namin ng younger brother ko, so sya ang naghanap. one of the perks of being an ate :P LOL


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