Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento - #1

Happy Monday everyone!

Have you notice, I always start greeting you guys every start of the week by Happy Monday…?  I got that when I was still working in the BPO industry.  Everybody kasi looks gloomy during Mondays since it’s the start of the week so we need to greet each other Happy Monday hahaha :D

I’ll also be using the title: Family Weekend Kwento for all my weekend kwentos.  I spend my weekend with my family and thinking of different titles for weekend kwentos is tiring hahaha.  So I’ll just use one and insert a number.

Anyway, remember last weekend when I said we scheduled jogging in our activities but since I don’t feel okay, we postponed it.  Well, this weekend, we tried to do it – just Neo and me.  Neo keeps chanting “Jajing! Jajing!” he was very cute.  But we haven’t gone far – no more than 200 meters, nadapa ang baby boy.  And here is the result.  He was crying so much.

He has bukol sa right side and galos on both knees.  Pawisan from jajing and iyak. Poor baby (Jajing pa? hehe)

 Better view of the bukol.

We also fetch Neo’s Mamita at Alabang so she can stay with us and bond with Neo.  She misses Neo so much daw.  Mamita looked so much better.  Most of her pasa are gone na.  I told her about our trip to the dentist.  Her response,

Mamita:  Ano ang binalot mo kay Neo nung bagong panganak sya?

Me: Hoodie.  Pero nung last day namin sa hospital, ung damit ni Leo.  Kasi nagwiwi si Neo sa last damit nya, so wala na kaming pambalot. E may extra shirt si Leo kaya un na lang binalot namin.

Mamita: ah, kaya. Ganun daw un. Kaya maka-Papa si Neo.

Pamahiin…? Yes, no scientific claim but she might be right.  Next baby namin, ung damit ko naman para patas :P LOL

BTW,  the bukol subsided already.  Maliit na lang na red mark in his forehead.

Again, Happy Monday everyone J


  1. Ahahhaha..jajing pa..that is really a nice bonding..
    btw, sis, check my blog.. hahaha I link you up.

    1. hahaha, jajing pa nga!

      saw your post, sis. mukhang uso sa mga bata ung stiff neck pose na yan


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