Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #2

Hello Guys!  How was your weekend?  I was dead tired yesterday due to all the walking we did last weekend.  I’ll make some detailed kwento today.  Saturday morning, we decided to walk around our subdivision and play with the RC that Leo bought.  This is a cheap one lang ha?  But Neo is so amazed.  He even tried playing with the remote control.

Papa and Neo walking hand in hand to the vacant lot.

Neo with Papa’s RC plane.

We did our grocery at SM Bacoor and since it’s their 3 day sale, we didn’t tag Neo along.  Jam-packed ang tao sa SM Bacoor during sale, and I don’t want to risk na mapitpit si Neo.  Our grocery cost almost twice as our normal weekly grocery.  Neo kasi is a big boy na and consumes more milk and diaper.  He also eats regular food na din.  He gained so much weight lately.  I'm not complaining and I'm glad he's growing up healthy.

I also bought him a Thomas and Friends pajama set which I had giftwrapped at SM.  I want to see his joy of tearing a wrapper.  And he was indeed happy, exclaiming “WOW” when he saw Thomas.

Neo exclaiming “Wow” at his new pajama set.

When we arrived home, I was greeted by these goodies from SampleRoom.

Goodies from Sample Room – Try before you buy.

Sunday naman, we met with my cousins and Tita at Festival mall to attend church and lunch together.  I told you I love Victory Alabang’s Toddler Room, di ba?  Sayang, we’re not allowed to take pictures in there. We just took this photo at their SuperBook set up. 

 Neo loves SuperBook.  Remember when we were kids and the SuperBook looks like this?

Now, ganito na ang hitsura ng SuperBook.  Neo calls it “bobook”.

Neo would even chant when they sing the theme song, Salvation Poem.  Let’s sing with them:

“Jesus You died upon a cross
And rose again to save the lost
Forgive me now of all my sin
Come be my Savior, Lord, and Friend

Change my life and make it new
And help me Lord to live for You

Change my life and make it new
And help me Lord to live for You”

 and, matatapos ba naman ang weekend ng walang sugat si Neo?  Syempre hindi. 

These are what I call Neo's Battle scars as he grow up and learn new things.

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