Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #3 (Part 1) – Breeze SigeLand 3

It’s midweek already and it’s just now na makakapagkwento ako ng aming weekend.  Sorry for the late kwento ha?  These past days, I have been experiencing headache again (time of the month L ).

Okay, let’s start.  Our initial plan for last weekend was to start decorating our house for Christmas.  But last Thursday, Breeze announced that they will be hosting SigeLand 3 at Robinson’s Galleria.  Robinson’s Galleria is like 3hours away from our house at Gen Trias – but since it’s a long weekend, and for change of scenery and environment, we decided to go.

Breeze posted that the event will start at 12noon and ends at 6pm.  Remember last June, we went at SigeLand 1 where Neo got his toy bike?  That event started at 10am, and we arrived at 11am.  So uber late na kami and the line is too long na.  So this time, we decided na we will be early.  We went out of our house past 9am and arrived at Robinson’s Galleria at 1130am.  It’s Saturday and we have our own transport so why the long travel time?  Thanks to the reblocking done by MMDA, we encountered so much traffic in Baclaran. L  

When we arrived, super long line awaited us.  And we were not allowed to fall in line pa.  We were asked by the attendant to buy 700gms of Breeze product worth Php90+ in Robinson’s Supermarket as a prerequisite in having a free toy. 

Look at all those people lining up for a free toy.

I lost track of time since Leo and I are swapping places in entertaining Neo while the other one is falling in line.  Nakakainip din kasi pumila and Neo is agitated and cranky na.  There is an activity area for kids but you need to buy packs and packs of Breeze to enter. I can’t buy groceries on my own with Neo e. 

Dawn Zulueta arrived to grace the event.  According to the mommies who got the chance to take a picture with her, she is still young looking.  Well, good for her.  Sana when I age ganun din ako LOL.

We fall in line around 1130am, and got Neo’s toy at 3pm.  Kinabahan pa ako because when we were 3 people away from the registration, the host announced that the registration will be closed since no toys na daw.  Kakaloka.  Sa haba at tagal ng pinila namin.  Good thing, may natira pa for Neo.

 I so love Leo for being patient. We were so hungry and tired.  But the smile on Neo’s face when he was given the painting set was priceless.

Neo’s free toy – a painting set.

That just proves that parents love their children so much that we will endure pain and hardship just to see them smile.

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