Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #3 (Part2) – SM Megamall

SM Megamall is just one tumbling away from Robinson’s Galleria so we decided to go there.  According to the mommy behind me sa line ng Breeze SigeLand, there’s a Pororo event daw there.  Neo loves Pocoyo and Pororo – so whatever makes Neo happy, we will go.

When we were at the parking lot, I saw a sign of SM Kid’s Fashion Fair.  So we went muna sa Mega Trade Hall to look for nice kid’s clothes for Neo and my inaanaks.

Then we roam around Mega Mall looking for Pororo – but no Pororo event was in sight.  We just went inside the Toy Store to look for Neo’s Halloween costume.  Makikihalloween event daw sya sa neighborhood. And he saw this:


Thomas and Friends’ lego.

Neo also love Thomas and Friends.  Dami nyang love no?  Ganun siguro ang toddlers, they are easy to please.

Then we passed by the Thor booth at their activity area.  They have a challenge wherein people will get ung pamalo ni Thor and shout “I am Thor!” at the top of their lungs, then thunder sound effect will boom.  Neo is so afraid of thunder sound.  So imagine ang hirap to have him in this picture hahaha :D

Anyways, we went to Resorts World yesternight to watch Thor 2: The Dark World – a prize I won from Nuffnang and Globe.  Will be blogging about it soon.

Also, Ate Espie had some personal errands to attend to so from Saturday morning to Monday lunch time, it was just Papa, Mama, and Neo.  Here the little boy was making pa-cute while Papa cooks breakfast and Mama cleans the dishes and milk bottles.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. hahaha.. really.. ang fun nman ng THOR booth.. I can manage kung ako yung sisigaw. hmm..

    1. mukhang pangitain na nga iyon ng ating movie date e hehe


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