Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Let’s attract good vibes this start of the week.  We need it – actually, I need it.  Last week was not very okay for me.  I was sick.  I had sore throat since last Monday and my voice just got back to normal by Wednesday.  My colleagues are asking what happened; 

Me: Nagconcert ako kagabi, sa the Voice, bat hindi nyo ako pinanood
Colleague: ah, pasensya na ha? sa susunod kasi mamimigay ka ng free ticket, hahahaha :D

And the whole week, on and off and headache ko.  Actually until now, meron pa ding pahabol.  I’m not sure if this is something I need to worry about kasi I can think of many reasons for this headache e: sinusitis (kasi always barado ang feeling ng ilong ko), my eye grade (kaso I had my glasses changed na and the grade is still the same since 6 years ago), pre-menstrual syndrome (baka ito), or something graver L, wag naman sana… I can’t count na how many paracetamol and mefenamic I took pero no effect.  I am just lucky to have Leo take care of everything since I can't think perfectly dahil sa sakit ng ulo.

On a happier note, Neo loves anything touchscreen.  And since Papa Leo’s birthday is coming close, he decided to buy something for Neo even though it’s his birth month – such a selfless Papa. J  Finally….

He looks happy right?  He really is. J

Can you suggest apps we can download for him to play or use?  Any educational apps so he can maximize using his tablet.  Thanks!


  1. Hi Mommy Nerisa,

    Try "Mathematics at numero kids" app in Google Play. It's free, it's a simple way to introduce Math. Highly recommended. :)

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for the suggestion. I'll ask the Papa to download it (mejo shonga pa ako pagdating sa download download e hehe)

  2. Hi Nerisa, I am you Number 1 Fan! :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, sis :) we tried downloading some apps na din for him. sana it'll help develop his skills din.


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