Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Make the Most of Your Credit Card

A lot of people would say, “stay away from credit cards”.   Why?  This small card is a temptation.  Many people are buried in debt because of this small card.  But why look at the negative side alone?  Let’s try to look at something positive on credit cards.  This are tips on how to maximize your credit cards’ use.

Ø  Freebies – there are credit card companies that offer freebies for every amount purchased.  Some offer food as freebies when you spend a certain amount.  When doing your grocery, why not use this small card and use the freebie as mirienda.  Tipid, right?

Ø  Cashless transactions – A lot of people don’t want to carry around lots of cash.  It’s risky nowadays.  Lalo na, we are nearing the holiday season.  Nagkalat ang mga masasamang loob.

Ø  Installment – Some use this small card for paying big purchases in installment.  Why?  They don’t have to pay in one go.  Mabigat ata maglabas ng big amount of money.  If you can stagger the payment without interest, why not?

Ø  Points – some credit card companies offer point system.  You earn points based on purchase.  You accumulate these points – and voila, there’s a corresponding item you can redeem.  Before, my eyebrows would cross when someone in the cashier buying only Php200 amount of items and would pay using their credit card.  I was like, “grabe naman sila mangutang.”  Now I realize, it must be because they’re earning points.

When the statement of account comes your way, pay ALL your credit due – not the minimum payment due.  This way, the credit card companies don’t give you interest and they don’t earn from you.

These tips are for maximizing the benefits you’ll gain in having a credit card – not maximizing your credit balance LOL.  Hope this helps you.  But still, if you know you can’t control yourself in spending, I’d say STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS. 

PS:  It’s my lovely cousin, ate Mae, in the promotion flyers of BPI’s More Fun Prepaid Visa Card (which is what I posted above as well because I’m one proud cousin hehe)



  1. oh yes! it's more fun using a credit card kasi mahirap talaga magdala ng cash these days. :) one more thing though, as much as possible, try to maintain 2 credit cards at a time. mahirap na baka mapasarap ang shopping :)

    1. hahaha true. lalo na it's nearing holidays, ang masasamang loob nagkalat. bawal ang may dalang madaming cash hehe.


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