Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pamper Ourselves Weekend

Busy mommy?  Don’t forget to pamper yourselves.  But always make sure your partners (hubbies) pamper themselves too.  It’s not just us who feel haggard and tired.

For the past weekends, we have been going out too much that we rarely have time to pamper ourselves.  So we declared last weekend as Pamper Ourselves Weekend.  I scheduled some activities for me, Leo, and Neo.  Some for pampering, some for wellness – because I believe that taking care of your health and wellness is more than just pampering.

So what are the activities we did?
Ø  Dental Check-up - we had a dental check-up last Saturday.  Pasta and cleaning for me and Leo.  We need healthy teeth (ayoko kasi ng dentures for both of us, baka hindi naming maenjoy the foods in the future hahaha).

Ø  Facial – I can feel the roughness of my face lately so I had my facial done this weekend too.

Ø  Hair-cut – Leo and Neo had a haircut in the local barbershop in Lolo Jun and Lola Net’s place.  This is Neo’s 4th haircut (and also the most ma-effort one).  His first, it was Papa who cut some parts of his hair.  2nd was with Kid's Hair Salon at SM Dasma.  3rd is with the local barbershop at our place.  I don’t know why he was crying too much last weekend during his haircut – must be because hindi aircon the barbershop or kasi no TV to divert his attention.  He keeps on crying, “oo!!!”, must be referring to “isusumbong kita sa lolo ko” (oo is his term for Lolo Jun).

Ø  Body Massage – I had a body massage courtesy of my loving husband.  I always ask him to massage me – because for me, this is one of the best things in the world.

Ø  Vaccination – we also scheduled Neo’s Hepa A vaccination last weekend at Jacob’s Ladder. Wagas pa din makaiyak ang bagets sa tusok ng injection.  He is a big boy na, so the doctor didn’t inject na at his thigh, sa arms na daw.

Actually I lined up jogging in our activities pa sana kaso due to my headache, we didn’t push through na lang, maybe next weekend.

How about you?  How did you spend your weekend?  Sana you schedule some activities for wellness din, because cliché as it may sound, health is wealth J


  1. Actually i am thinking of jogging nga rin, no exercise na kasi..hmmm have to list down na rin ^^

    1. yes, gurl. we need to be fit. sana matuloy na kami sa jogging na yan next weekend. :)


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