Thursday, October 10, 2013

Toddler Milestone: Mall Tantrums

I know this is coming sooner or later.  But I didn’t expect it this soon.  I’ve read lots about this that all children go to this phase.  One fine day, the family goes to the mall, passed by a toy store and the little kid wants a toy that mommy and daddy won’t buy for him, and that’s the start of lying on the mall floor crying and wailing and shouting like there’s no tomorrow.

I experienced this last Saturday with Neo.  And this is not about a toy that we won’t buy for him.  Not even about food.  This is about Papa Leo. 

We declared last Saturday as Pamper Ourselves Day.  You see, we have been going out during weekends that we feel like we need pampering.  So we scheduled some activities for this day and one of it is going to the dentist.  It would have been a perfect day – if we hadn't brought Neo along. 

We went to Robinson Pala Pala around 4pm (Rayos Dental Centre is located at the lower ground floor).   We were waiting in line to be called on our appointment.  I was reading some magazines and Leo and Neo are playing.  

Father and son waiting at the dental clinic (nakiki-stiff-neck-pose din si Leo). 

When the dentist went out to call our names, Leo said he’ll go first.  I carried Neo.  The little boy started crying (mahina pa lang).   Then Papa Leo went inside the dental area, we followed hanggang sa door.  When Leo lay down on the dental bed, it all started.  Neo was crying and wailing and shouting “PAPA!!!!” at the top of his lungs, with matching resisting my arms because I’m carrying him nga.  When I tried to bring him outside, he shouts and cried so much and banged the glass door of the clinic with his little fists while shouting “Papa!”  The assistants and the other patients were all smiling at Neo which I think they find cute.  Good thing, the dental clinic is located sa bandang dulo ng mall where there are few people passing lang.  

I carried him away from the dental clinic to the gaming area – which diverted his attention. 

After minutes of playing, we went back to the dental clinic to have my turn.  One of the assistants ask me,

Assistant: Ma’am, kung ikaw na kaya, magwawala din kaya si baby?
Me: baka hindi.

And true enough, when it was my turn, the little boy was so deadma.

Dentist: O, si Mama na. 
Neo: (deadma)
Dentist: hahaha, bias ka ha?  Papa’s boy ka.

I'd like to thank those kind dentists and assistants who were patient in smiling and trying to entertain the wailing and crying Neo. 

So how do you contain a child having mall tantrums?

Ø  Giving in – buy the thing they want.  End of the story.  But remember, giving in a lot of times will result to a spoiled child.

Ø  The art of deadma – let them shout, cry, wail, kick and do whatever nakakahiyang stunts they would do.  They will grow tired din.  But be very keen on their acts.  They might hurt themselves in the process of pagiinarte.

Ø  Tighten the reins – and show them who’s the boss.  You could always reprimand them saying “tigilan mo yan, kung hindi lagot ka sa kin sa bahay”.  I’ve heard lots of mommies doing this at the mall – and it works wonders. Hahahaha :D

Ø  Diversionary Tactics – if the kid wants something that is too pricey, try to divert the attention in a lower cost toy.  Or like what I did, look for something entertaining to divert their attention.

What did I learn from this experience?  That Mall Tantrum can be caused not just by a toy or food or games which the little ones wanted but didn’t have.  It could be because of someone they really love that they don’t want to let go.

How about you?  How did you handle mall tantrums?


  1. Aww... I know Mall tantrums can sometimes be exhausting and irritating for parents... but I find this one cute. He must be really a papa's boy.

    1. naku super true, sis. true blue papa's boy talaga ang Neo.

  2. Hahahha Neo is really Bias nga,, hmmm..

    1. hahaha :D papa's boy talaga sya.


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