Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend Bonding

We had a very tiring but happy weekend.  As post birthday celebration for Lolo Jun and post anniversary celebration of Angkong and Lola Tita Net, we all went to Laguna.  It was raining so hard last Saturday and Lola Net still has errands to do in the morning, so we decided to travel after noon.  In the morning, Neo indulged in some foodies.

Garlic bread from Sbarro – he loves garlic bread, and Napoleones from Bacolod (a present from a colleague at Bacolod).

At 3pm, off we went to Laguna (kahit super lakas ng ulan).  We made a stopover first at Muntinlupa to fetch Neo’s Mamita – who is bruised all over.  She slipped daw sa CR 2weeks ago and didn’t tell us because we will just worry.  She has pasa in half of her face as well as her arms.  Mamita has diabetes so her body has poor healing capacity (Tita Ninang Kim translated this as: mahirap gumaling.  I translated this as: mabagal gumaling.  – you choose the best translation hehe).  We were all worried for her.

We spent the afternoon and evening bonding.  Neo was the apple of everyone’s eyes.  Super pabibo.  Since it was 3months ago when they last saw him, they all gushed that Neo is big and heavy na.  He weighs 14+kgs, and for 21months, according to his baby book, he is in the upper 95th percentile for boy’s weight (meaning he is mabigat for his age).

The next day, we woke up late and decided to go to have lunch at SM MOA and go to Star City afterwards.  We gas up muna at Petron at Bluewave.  This is the first time I saw this car up close.  Kelan kaya kami makakabili ng ganito? Kaso, napaisip ako, nasa Petron kami e, di ba, sa Shell dapat ang Ferrari? hmmm, baka the small models lang hehe :P

 After lunch we went to Star City.  The little boy who is afraid of the noise the rides were emitting was contented playing in this Out of Order toy car.

I only tried one ride.  The Star Frisbee.  This is my hitsura before the ride.  Nakakasmile and peace sign pa.

This is how the ride looks like.

This is me after.  Everybody is smiling and I looked so haggard.  Naiwan ang energy ko sa ere.

Kaloka that ride!  I will not try it again, promise.  I think umikot ung paningin ko when we disembark the ride.  Partida, nakapikit na ako sa high part.  To the one who will win my Star City giveaway, please don’t ride this attraction first.  Put it last on your list.  Nakakawala ng energy.  My cousins who rode the Star Flyer after didn’t have a satisfying experience.  Ang Star Frisbee e pang last dapat.

Then Papa Leo and Tito GB decided to play this shooting game.

And this is their prizes.  Super liit na angry birds (panlagay ata sa tip ng ballpen hehe)

Group pic with the baby boy looking curiously at Star Flyer.



  1. wow.. that is the reason why i dnt ewant to join sa give away mo sis.. hihi

    1. ahahaha. there are other attractions naman, sis. I'm sure Ivy will enjoy some of them. those attractions sa labas lang ung eye-pooping, pero those na nasa loob are very pangbagets :)


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