Friday, November 29, 2013

Little Luee’s Locker’s Play Clothes

I am not one who is lucky with raffles.  I have been joining raffles diligently, writing down my name, address, contact number, and suking tindahan (joke) a lot of times.  But unfortunately, I haven’t wont L

Now, that is not the case online.  I have joined contests and raffles online – and has successfully won 70% of the time J woot woot.  That is what happened last 2weeks ago when I joined The Soshal Network’s Babypalooza and Little Luee’sLocker Giveaway.  I won 3 pairs of playclothes for Neo. yey!

I was super happy when I won because this is in time for Neo’s birthday next week.  Early birthday gift for him. J  The package arrived yesternight.  Both Leo and I agreed that the playclothes are very nice – both on design and fabric.  I haven’t shown it to Neo as I wrapped it so he will be surprised in his birthday. 

But I did show him the picture above and asked him “kanino yan?”, and he answered “Neo”.  Aba, this early he knows na kung what are his things and what are not his J amazing kiddo.

You can visit Little Luee’s Locker at facebook and order online.  Jan, the owner, is very nice and accommodating J

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #5

Hello guys.  How’s the midweek so far?

Because of the initial post of Papa Speaks, which is very informative (not because Leo is my husband, this is pure honesty hehe), I get to post our weekend kwento only today.

So what happened to our weekend?

Last Friday night, Leo and I decided to visit the Noel Bazaar at World Trade Center – which is just a tumbling away from my office. 

Very beautiful decors.  Ang sarap kainin promise. J

We were not able to buy a lot of things.  They sell clothes mostly, around 75% are clothes.  Look at this (ala) ambigram of NOEL in front of World Trade. I am very fascinated.  Why?  Its LEON spelled backward.  A little trivia, LEON is Neo’s 2nd name.

Come Saturday, I started to feel irritated in my small garden.  We weren’t able to maintain it. So I tried gardening in the morning.  Look at these plants.  I am not sure what it’s called.  It was just given by a neighbor.  I was given only 1 plant.  They multiply.  Now I have close to 10 of these.  Those 3 small ones located in the upper column are the “anaks” of the “anak” of the original plant.

While I was busy gardening, do you want to know what Neo was doing? 

Yes, that’s our Don Neo playing his tablet lying down.  Kaloka when I saw this. (forgive the state of his foam and pillows - it was our laundry day)

Come Sunday, we went to Jacob’s Ladder to have Neo’s booster vaccine.  This is way behind schedule for 2weeks.  Neo had coughs and colds kasi and was taking antibiotics.

He is an advocate of Cervical Cancer prevention hahaha :D

Neo has learned something new pala.  When his Papa scold or reprimand him he would sit down, bow his head and starts crying softly.  Kaloka ang aming dramatic actor.  Balak pang palitan si John Lloyd. Hahaha :D

 Oh, and we experienced brownout last Friday – but I was informed of this beforehand through this text message from Meralco.  This is the first time I received this.  Good customer service, eh?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Papa Speaks: Disaster Preparedness Part2

Yolanda also thought us how we should handle situations if Mother Nature sends out one of her kakambal (Huwag naman sana , Lord.)

The first thing to prepare is YOU.

Here’s a link of a FREE copy of the “The LDS Preparedness Manual”. Here you can find articles related to preparedness subjects on food storage, communications, emergency evacuation etc.

What should be done in the future? Modernize Disaster Preparation.  MODERNIZE OUR POLITICIANS :) Political bickering should be stopped.  Kidding aside...

1.   Early Warning System - PAGASA can seek out help of other countries in providing minute-by-minute or hour-by-hour feed of weather sytems. I know they are competitive enough but in reality modern weather equipment is a must. LGUs can also invest on early warning systems such as public address systems and other field equipment that can help them see what's happening in their area of responsibility.

2.   Invest in Evacuation Centers – Can this system be suitable in Philippine conditions?

This is the Statim Shelter System. Here’s the product brochure if you want to see what it can do. We have construction companies around that I think can create a similar concept. All praises to the one who will step up. (Consunji, MDC, Megaworld, Anyone?)

3.   Modernize our Lift assets - 3 PAF C-130s isn't enough. You have seen how many cargo planes from the different countries came to the rescue. From C-130s to C-17 to KDC-10, all providing vital roles in transportation of relief goods, equipment and personnel and also evacuees. The rotary wings were also needed when there is no runway. They can hover for hours and can reach far areas that fixed-wings can't. So What? So This... Our government should invest in these assets. Heavy lift planes include C-130 and C-17s, but with budget contraint they can opt to choose C-130-like cargo planes. There are Medium Lift Air Assets currently in the pipeline for procurement. Medium lift airplanes are like those turbo-prop Cebu Pacific planes, military-grade aircrafts as C-295 from EADS can do. It can land on short runways which I guess most of PHI's runways are. Then there Light Lift Air assests. These kinds of planes are for rugged and short runways.

Top Left to clockwise – Netherland’s KDC-10, Canada’s C-17, PAF C-130, Canada’s CC-150

Rotary wing assets are vital too; Huey helicopters are our AFP work horses. We need more of such kind that can lift people, carry supplies and can do search and rescue. If we invest now, these can be used for 2-3 decades with proper maintenance.
Top Left to clockwise – PAF UH-1, PAF Sokol, USN SH-60 Seahawk, USMC V-22 Osprey
The Navy is also set to acquire two Strategic Support Vessels that look like this, similar to what Indonesia has:

These vessels have hospitals inside, can carry tons of relief goods, can transport more, and choppers can land on it.

To cut the long story short, the government needs to at least have the quarter of our National Budget to fully modernize our Armed forces (If you compare it to Indonesia). AFP Modernization law states that Php75B (Indonesia has Php680B) will be used for modernization for a modest AFP, but the spoiler is it will be spread for 5 years. Php15B a year, IMHO, is indeed modest. Tamang budget lang ba. Pero sa mahal ng mga assets na iyan, ung Php15B/year ubos agad sa isang project palang.

4.   NDRRMC and AFP should be "separated" - AFP is trained for primarily for war. I think it would be just right that NDRRMC should be a rescue-centric entity. All personnel should be rescue/risk management-champions. If there's an impending/ongoing disaster, they will be the Command Center. AFAIK, Sec Gazmin handles both. So parang walang focus. The agency can be under the Office of the President. Or parang PNP, AFP, tapos Civil Defence Forces (CDF). It is just an idea of mine na merong rescue-centric academe na parang PNPA, PMA tapos meron ding CDF Academy.

5.   Invest in Field Hospital, Kitchens and Desalinators and Water Purifier system - These are vital when everything is you have evacuation centers. Relief goods are OK. But, if people only eat 3-4 times a day and they only receive relief goods 1x-2x a week, then those goods won't be enough. IMO, field kitchens can cook food anytime of the day. Ration in short. Wala ng mag-aagawan ng relief goods dahil pipila nalang sila para sa ration ng food. Essential din ang Field  Desalinators and Water Purification System specially for coastal communities. It can turn salt water or creek water to potable water. Field Hostpitals are also vital; did you see what the Australians deployed in Tacloban airport? Astig diba? Mobile and collapsible hospital-in-one. Each LGU can have one on their respective towns for them to use in case of emergency. Manpower won't be an issue, I guess. Meanwhile, Japanese aid workers were reportedly fielding their wireless xray kits (link).

6.   Field Tents - look at what our Indonesian Friends donated

And to my fellow Filipinos, Please kapag sinabihan na kayong lumikas, huwag ng matigas ang ulo.

You thought the Disaster preparation is not feasible in the Philippines, see these Role Models:

Tulang Diyot Island, Cebu Link

"All residents of Tulang Diyot Island in a Cebu town survived even if some 500 houses were destroyed by winds and waves from typhoon Yolanda, a UN report said.
 The report attributed the absence of casualties to the evacuation of around 1,000 people from the island under San Francisco town Mayor Alfredo Arquillano’s orders.
 “When it was clear how bad the typhoon would be, we decided to evacuate all 1,000 people,” the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction quoted the mayor as saying.
 Arquillano, who UNISDR recognized as a champion of for its Making Cities Resilient Campaign, said his constituents also “understood the need to move to safety.”"
"We have been working for years on early warnings, evacuations,” said Arquillano, under whose leadership San Francisco won a UN Disaster Risk Reduction Award in 2011.
 “It just shows that preparedness pays,” the mayor said further, adding that “the awareness level of the community was so high that [the evacuation] went well.”"

Albay Province

Albay Public Safety & Emergency Management Office (APSEMO). Role Model in Institutionalised and innovative disaster risk management. Link

"With institutionalized Albay Public Safety & Emergency Management Office (APSEMO), regular annual budget appropriation, permanent personnel, institutionalized research and education in partnership with academe, with safe school and safe hospital programs in partnership with Dept of Education, Dept of Health supported by AECID-Spain, with risk maps developed by PHIVOLCS, Mines and Geo-
Sciences Bureau as well as by the Local Government Units, Population data by type of hazard existing on file used as input in planning and currently conducting integration of DRR

To Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Education and trainings are done by the local technical staff of APSEMO, Structural projects as part of the regular program."
The aim of this post is to make us realize that these assets are investments when disaster strikes.
Finally, I admit, it’s easy for me to say all these things. But I think Yolanda served as an eye opener for us.

Thanks to the community for the news feeds, insights, brilliant ideas, and photos.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Papa Speaks: Disaster Preparedness Part1

I would like to thank my beautiful and gorgeus wife, Nerisa, for giving me a corner to write my thoughts. To all the readers of this blog, my wife and I were always sharing thoughts over dinner or whenever we feel like [most are out-of-the-blue discussions] of whatever things that is under the sun. This promotes good communication and healthy debate. To my fellow dudes lurking here, your wife is the best buddy to share your comments instead of posting your insights in the net, talk them over with your wives and you will see that you have just married a Ms. Universe, beauty and brains.

Thank God for keeping my family safe and dry for the past weeks that our country has been battered with extreme weather conditions. But, we sympathize with the victims and are always ready to send out help. Even in our own little ways, we are trying to give and share to help out the relief operations to those who are affected.

I came from Cagayan Valley, which we all know is always on the path of typhoons. AFAIR in my childhood days, Signal #3 kami palagi, suki ba. Topographically speaking, Cagayan Valley is surrounded by Sierra Madre in the east, Caraballo at the south and Cordillera on its west.  Cagayan Valley should be thankful that she has these mountains covering her. Why? If you compare it to Leyte, Leyte is more flat than Cagayan. That's why Leyte caught all Yolanda's wrath. There's no mountain range to block the waves and strong winds. It is unfortunate that this is all happening to our country.

Now, we have seen Yolanda's wrath. Needless for me to say what she had caused and what is currently happening in relief operations. But what we are seeing right now is Humanity-at-Work, and some blunders.

The Players:

1.    Yolanda - Alam na natin kung anong ginawa nya, at kung anong pwedeng gawin ng kakambal niya. When this typhoon is still brewing up, my wife and I already know that this one is BIG. I have some courses on Meteorological Sciences and Nerisa having some weather-related work before.

2.    People of the Philippines - The one who suffered most. Please unite and help one another.

3.   Government
a.    Scientists - PAGASA scientists should be given a round of applause for predicting and accurately relaying information about this phenomenon. This prompts the President to give an aired plea and warning to those who will be affected of the possible disastrous effect of Yolanda.

b.    LGU - IMHO, a President’s warning should be taken seriously. I think the information was relayed down to the LGUs of the incoming disaster. The most devastating effect of Yolanda was the storm surge. They did not expect that to come and to go a few hundred meters and not as high as 16ft. Even Tacloban’s Mayor was at the ground level and his house near the seashore when the typhoon struck experiencing the big time surge. So why did he not evacuate? Hmm…

c.    Executive - Any amount of preparation was just swiped out by Yolanda. Yes, IMO, the Government was prepared. Well, hindi ka naman makakagalaw habang bumabagyo diba? So after ng bagyo, andun dapat ung execution ng plan. But, honestly I do not know what was their plan, if there’s any. And they should not point fingers to the LGUs for being at fault, kasi nasalanta din sila. The Executive level should have placed those areas under the full control of the Office of the President immediately before and after Yolanda came since they know what is coming. And the interviews did not help, and it shows more lack of competency from the words that they said. Less words, Less mistakes.

4.    AFP – A BIG round of applause for our soldiers. Now you know how we heavily depend of our Armed Forces. (I am an AFP Modernization fanboi.) Even with a depleted fleet of aircrafts and fleet, they are the main workhorse of the relief operations, 24/7. Prof Winnie Monsod asked AFP’s report. Her article in PDI Last Nov 16th “Blame Game” narrates how the AFP manages to perform well. We have no right to blame them in any way. The disaster also unfolded the dire need to modernize our assets. It just sucks to see that it needs to have a Yolanda to realize that we are ill equipped.

5.    Media / Press - They were helpful at the beginning, offering feeds of the current situation. But with the current media-to-media conflicts happening, they're turning this unfortunate event into a circus. They are better if they keep their mouth shut kung hindi rin sila nakakatulong.

6.    The World - We are not alone. Thank you, World for lending us some help. I think we are doomed without them. Agree?

7.    Private Organizations - Everyone helps out in their own way they can. Humanity is alive.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Papa Speaks

Hello guys!

I started this blog mainly for the purpose of making Leo’s family who resides in the north to see how our baby Neo is growing.  My family is fortunate enough to be with us every week because they live nearby (tipong isang tumbling away lang).  But Leo’s family lives up north (mga 1million tumblings away) so, much as they want to be with us and see how Neo is growing, they can’t.  That’s the reason why this blog is born.

Through the time I was blogging, this blog has grown not just to show Neo’s progress and milestones but also as an online diary for a newbie wife and a 1st time mom like me.  How I deal with our day to day activities.  How parenting and home-making changed me.

But parenting and home-making is not just for us woman.  That is the reason I will be inviting some guest post from my hubby, Leo.  Daddies also do parenting and home-making.  This is the new generation and there are a lot of shared responsibilities already.

Don’t worry, mommies.  This will still be Baby Neo’s Mama’s blog.  I will just dedicate a small portion for Leo to speak.

So expect some entries from Neo’s Papa from time to time 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Blogapalooza Activities I Enjoyed

Okay, here's another installment of Blogapalooza activities and products I enjoyed.

Plato Wraps

This booth is really not interactive.  They just have you sign up and taste their products.  So why was I happy about Plato Wraps?  Because, I love Plato Wraps.  I have been introduced to this product some six years ago and I love this sandwich. You should taste it.  Period.


Overflowing coffee was experienced throughout the whole Blogapalooza event.  Left and right you will be offered coffee to taste.  Being a coffee lover, I agreed to taste all (which is really a con for me because I was roaming around the area with a coffee in one hand and a bag in the other).  Figaro stood out for me in terms of taste J  and their mint cake (not sure if that is what it’s called) is one of the best! 

(photo grabbed from Blogapalooza FB page) 

The Mind Museum

I already dedicated a separate post for The Mind Museum for obvious reasons that I really want to try and go to it.  I know both Leo and I will learn a lot from this – and Neo will enjoy this interactive place.

 View Park Hotel

Aside from the fact that they gave out a lot of freebies, they stood out for me because I our church at Victory Dasma will be hosting a Marriage Retreat in this hotel.  I hope we can attend so I will get to experience what this hotel is boasting about 

Congo Grille

The official caterer of Blogapalooza. We get to experience overflowing food.  I love their maki – superb! (Take note, I’m not a fan of anything raw other than veggies).  They refilled foods fast.  No blogger was left hungry during that event. Thanks to them J

(photo grabbed from Blogapalooza FB page) 

There are a lot of businesses that showcased their products last Blogapalooza.  I must admit not all stood out and not all I can remember L But those listed above are all thumbs up for me! J

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Chooks To Go

Here are another installment of the activities and products I enjoyed at Blogapalooza 2013

This booth is the noisiest booth there is at Blogapalooza.  I don’t mean it the negative way.  It was so noisy because this booth is where you’ll enjoy a lot.  They offer an interactive game – I am not sure what it’s called, probably Kinetics.

(photo grabbed from Blogapalooza FB page)

Well, when I tried it with Joy of Occasions of Joy, I had so much fun.  We were given three challenges. 1st challenge is to break the egg – so we had to kick and punch as hard as we can to break it.  2nd challenge is to fly high – so we have to flap our arms and elbows as a bird as hard as we can.  3rd challenge is the human tetris wherein we follow the figure shown in the screen. 

I have a picture of this courtesy of Chooks to Go but is a but blurry so I decided to grab Joy's picture.  Initially I don't want to post it since I still want to retain some dignity - but the experience is so fun I couldn't resist sharing J

 My prize for flapping my wings like crazy?  I get to go home with a whole roasted chicken and sore arms and shoulders for 3 days.  LOL :D

We had this for dinner and we couldn't agree more - it's masarap kahit walang sauce!

Blogapalooza 2013: Lulu Nails and Dry Bar

I told you in my Blogapalooza 2013 post that I’ll be doing a separate post of products I tried and was happy about.  Well here it is.  J

I have short nails. As in short na short nails.  You all have seen it in this picture I posted for the Baranggay Elections.  Mine is the right one.

With very short nails, it is a no-brainer that there is really no need for me to have a manicure.  But when I passed by the booth of I Love Lulu Nails at Blogapalooza, they invited me to try it and even though I showed them my super short nails. 

I love to torture myself by cutting my nails short so I really feel the painful sensation of pudpod na kuko.  I only tried having a manicure once in my life, that is for our wedding. With that being said, I can say na I am very sensitive to pain in my nails.  Look at those ladies above who did the free manicure for me (that's not me in the pic hehe).  They have the gentlest hands when handling me.  I didn't even felt a thing. 

The staffs told me that they use imported products.  I told you I'm not a fan of manicures so I really wouldn't know.  So I'll let you be the judge.  They use Tru-gel, Orly, Seche.  

They had me try the soft-gel manicure.  It was like 6 coatings of nail polish.  And look at the result. Bloody Red and the texture are super nice.  I love it! 

Visit them at 5th floor BTTC Centre, 288 Ortigas Ave. corner Roosevelt St., Greenhills, San Juan.  Contact #: (02) 942-1311 or (0917) 957-9683.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Neo Invades SM Aura

Remember last Saturday we went to SM Aura, Taguig because I attended Blogapalooza?  Well, it was stated in the invite of the Blogapalooza that we can’t bring a guest along.  But since the Familia Nunag haven’t been to SM Aura, we decided to go as a family. 

 So while I was attending the Blogapalooza, Papa Leo and Neo roam around SM Aura.  They were able to roam around each level of the mall for like 10 times because I was at Blogapalooza for almost 6 hours.  Papa Leo looks like a boy scout with his backpack full of Neo’s things hehe

They discovered the Sky Garden.

It also has a big Samsung Hall.   Leo is partial to Samsung (he owns a phone and a tablet for Neo).  According to him, Samsung daw is very durable, efficient and trust worthy.  Value for money daw talaga ang Samsung.  

 And this nice festive Christmas design.  (Neo was afraid of the BIG deer.  Even browsing through pictures of this deer, takot sya).

Overall, SM Aura is like a shoshal SM.  (I was looking everywhere for sale items and I found none L ).  It has a small lot area and a big floor area (with 5 floors, it is really roomful).  It’s not too crowded.  Neo can run with his heart’s content on this mall.  He was very happy and tired when we went home. 

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