Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Chooks To Go

Here are another installment of the activities and products I enjoyed at Blogapalooza 2013

This booth is the noisiest booth there is at Blogapalooza.  I don’t mean it the negative way.  It was so noisy because this booth is where you’ll enjoy a lot.  They offer an interactive game – I am not sure what it’s called, probably Kinetics.

(photo grabbed from Blogapalooza FB page)

Well, when I tried it with Joy of Occasions of Joy, I had so much fun.  We were given three challenges. 1st challenge is to break the egg – so we had to kick and punch as hard as we can to break it.  2nd challenge is to fly high – so we have to flap our arms and elbows as a bird as hard as we can.  3rd challenge is the human tetris wherein we follow the figure shown in the screen. 

I have a picture of this courtesy of Chooks to Go but is a but blurry so I decided to grab Joy's picture.  Initially I don't want to post it since I still want to retain some dignity - but the experience is so fun I couldn't resist sharing J

 My prize for flapping my wings like crazy?  I get to go home with a whole roasted chicken and sore arms and shoulders for 3 days.  LOL :D

We had this for dinner and we couldn't agree more - it's masarap kahit walang sauce!


  1. haveeeyyy... I missed to try that too.. gusto ko sana e try kaso nahihiya ako..! Sally and Venus are teasing me to try daw,, hahaha ikaw na sis. ^^

    1. hahaha :D i tried everything na keri ko, sis. minsan lang un e. it brings out the child in me talaga. sana you tried it din.


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