Friday, November 22, 2013

Blogapalooza Activities I Enjoyed

Okay, here's another installment of Blogapalooza activities and products I enjoyed.

Plato Wraps

This booth is really not interactive.  They just have you sign up and taste their products.  So why was I happy about Plato Wraps?  Because, I love Plato Wraps.  I have been introduced to this product some six years ago and I love this sandwich. You should taste it.  Period.


Overflowing coffee was experienced throughout the whole Blogapalooza event.  Left and right you will be offered coffee to taste.  Being a coffee lover, I agreed to taste all (which is really a con for me because I was roaming around the area with a coffee in one hand and a bag in the other).  Figaro stood out for me in terms of taste J  and their mint cake (not sure if that is what it’s called) is one of the best! 

(photo grabbed from Blogapalooza FB page) 

The Mind Museum

I already dedicated a separate post for The Mind Museum for obvious reasons that I really want to try and go to it.  I know both Leo and I will learn a lot from this – and Neo will enjoy this interactive place.

 View Park Hotel

Aside from the fact that they gave out a lot of freebies, they stood out for me because I our church at Victory Dasma will be hosting a Marriage Retreat in this hotel.  I hope we can attend so I will get to experience what this hotel is boasting about 

Congo Grille

The official caterer of Blogapalooza. We get to experience overflowing food.  I love their maki – superb! (Take note, I’m not a fan of anything raw other than veggies).  They refilled foods fast.  No blogger was left hungry during that event. Thanks to them J

(photo grabbed from Blogapalooza FB page) 

There are a lot of businesses that showcased their products last Blogapalooza.  I must admit not all stood out and not all I can remember L But those listed above are all thumbs up for me! J


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