Monday, November 4, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #4 – Off To Laguna We Went

Hello everyone!  Happy Monday!  How was your long weekend?  Sarap no?  Two long weekends in a row.  Rest Rest Rest talaga.  Quick kwento of our long weekend.

The Familia Nunag was invited by my Tito to Laguna to spend our long weekend.  Since we don’t have love ones who are buried in Manila to visit, November 1 and 2 is always a time talaga for us to rest and do some family bonding.

Last Saturday, we asked for a home service to fix some of our appliances.  Guys, our appliances are not too old pa, but nagkakasiraan na sila.  I am currently at war with animals e.  We placed our washing machine outside the laundry area, it suddenly stopped working.  When we have it fixed, may kagat daw ng daga yung wirings L    hay.  And another thing, my small garden is now plague with cats’ pupu.  Asar talaga.  Cat’s pupu pa naman ay so mabaho.  I am now looking for people who will catch these cats and iligaw sila.  Na-hi-highblood ako daily sa pupu ng cat.  Anyone you know who can do the job here at Cavite?

Then we went to Lolo Jun’s house kasi carpool kami sa jeep nila.  My dad owns a jeep.  Hindi kasi kami kasya sa car ni Leo lahat, so the jeep is the best option.  Nakakatumbling pa si Neo sa loob hehe

Neo wearing his pumpkin hat with Lolo Jun.

We fetch Mamita din at Alabang muna.  Nadulas na naman daw sya sa CR.  When you’re old na, you lose your good balance na.  My mom joked pa na Mamita daw has been slipping sa CR how many times na and yet she still looks okay, it must be because she drinks lots of Anlene haha (so, girls, drink Anlene din).

When we arrived at Laguna, Neo was squeezed by his Titas and Angkong, and Angkang (My Tito and Tita.  Angkong is the Chinese term for Lolo.  Angkang is…I don’t know haha).  We spent the night there and went to The Mills Country Club the following morning.  (More kwento on this in another post).

 Happy Monday, everyone!!! J

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