Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family Weekend Kwento #5

Hello guys.  How’s the midweek so far?

Because of the initial post of Papa Speaks, which is very informative (not because Leo is my husband, this is pure honesty hehe), I get to post our weekend kwento only today.

So what happened to our weekend?

Last Friday night, Leo and I decided to visit the Noel Bazaar at World Trade Center – which is just a tumbling away from my office. 

Very beautiful decors.  Ang sarap kainin promise. J

We were not able to buy a lot of things.  They sell clothes mostly, around 75% are clothes.  Look at this (ala) ambigram of NOEL in front of World Trade. I am very fascinated.  Why?  Its LEON spelled backward.  A little trivia, LEON is Neo’s 2nd name.

Come Saturday, I started to feel irritated in my small garden.  We weren’t able to maintain it. So I tried gardening in the morning.  Look at these plants.  I am not sure what it’s called.  It was just given by a neighbor.  I was given only 1 plant.  They multiply.  Now I have close to 10 of these.  Those 3 small ones located in the upper column are the “anaks” of the “anak” of the original plant.

While I was busy gardening, do you want to know what Neo was doing? 

Yes, that’s our Don Neo playing his tablet lying down.  Kaloka when I saw this. (forgive the state of his foam and pillows - it was our laundry day)

Come Sunday, we went to Jacob’s Ladder to have Neo’s booster vaccine.  This is way behind schedule for 2weeks.  Neo had coughs and colds kasi and was taking antibiotics.

He is an advocate of Cervical Cancer prevention hahaha :D

Neo has learned something new pala.  When his Papa scold or reprimand him he would sit down, bow his head and starts crying softly.  Kaloka ang aming dramatic actor.  Balak pang palitan si John Lloyd. Hahaha :D

 Oh, and we experienced brownout last Friday – but I was informed of this beforehand through this text message from Meralco.  This is the first time I received this.  Good customer service, eh?


  1. nakakaaliw naman si baby Neo, dramatic actor..naku si baby Rylee ganyan na din, eh 1 year old pa lang sya...pano pa kaya if mas malaki na sya...hahaha....

    1. naku, be prepared na, Lally. Kasi I think Neo is doing this para I will make kampi sa kanya - and true enough, hindi ko matiis.

  2. hahahha... kaloka ang drama ng bagets nowadays..^^

    1. hahaha, truelala! lumelevel na kina John Lloyd. hahaha


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