Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mid-week Movie Date Night

Leo and I are not frequent moviegoers.  I can’t even remember the last time we watched a movie at the cinema.  We watch movies at our house naman.  Last week, I won a prize for the movie screening of Thor 2: The Dark World. Thank you for Nuffnang and Globe as we were given a reason to do a movie date night on a mid-week.

Movie screening was held at Resort’s World Cinema 3 at 930pm.  Office hours ends at 5pm.  Leo fetched me at my office in Pasay and since one tumbling away lang ang Resorts World sa Pasay, we were too early – mga before 7pm. Kaloka.  Resorts World pa naman is not too big to roam around.  So what did we do to while away the time? 

 Hahaha check! We roam around the Casino area.  We didn’t play though.  I forgot to bring our membership cards, so we were just contented in looking at people who waste money in gambling.  I’m not a fan of gambling e, sorry L      One old lady played (I’m not sure anong game un because I was watching her the whole time and I didn’t understand the mechanics talaga) her Php500 in just 15mins.  Wow. Waste of money talaga.  For the rich lang ang gambling hehe

Around 9pm, we went to the Cinema na and lined up to get our free tickets.  We were given a loot bag which contains a Globe tumbler and we were asked to choose our seats. Di ba nga, it has been ages since we were able to watch a movie sa cinema, so we chose the seat mga 3 rows in front.  Nakakatawa, the movie is in 3D pala. 

While waiting for the movie to start, I saw lotsa lotsa bloggers who I follow. 

With Mommy Fleur (She’s so slim pa din.  nakakaasar ang laki talaga ng braso ko)

With The Soshal Network (Pretty and good-humored ladies.  Promise.  You should meet them in person).

With Jocris of JocrisWorld (it was nice to finally meet you in person, girl)

I also met Rochelle Rivera kaso Leo is busy playing his tablet to take our picture L     I told her and Jocris that our seat is 3 rows away from the screen.  Aba, they have a spoiler na nakakahilo ang lapit.  Kinabahan akong baka hindi ko maenjoy ang movie.

We were given free drinks and popcorn for the movie.  The movie is superb.  I didn’t feel sleepy (which I predicted because I was up ng 5am in the morning that day).   Leo and I enjoyed the movie so much even though we were in front.  Need lang tumingala, but the super lambot seats made it comfortable.  The only thing na medyo off sa kin is that, I wore the 3D glasses over my eyeglasses. Kakaloka hahaha.

Thanks, Nuffnang and Globe for the experience J



  1. correct sis.. parang ang hirap nun huh! you are wearing two glasses at a time.. Well, I am also glad that I met you
    personally too,,

    1. same here sis, glad to meet you personally. sa next movie date uli hehe


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