Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Thoughts on Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath

Super Typhoon Yolanda had hit the Philippines, particularly Visayas region, 6days ago.  Its 6 days already but as per facebook posts and comments, no real help has gotten to the victims.  Even CCN Anchor Anderson Cooper has been tweeting that there is no help materializing in the area.  Too sad L


We received a lot of donations from different nations and organizations giving us help monetary and otherwise.  Sana all these donations go to the right people who need it.  They need it.  Wag na lang sana mapunta sa iba.

Source: Philnews 

China’s Donation

China, the world’s most populous nation and 2nd largest economy, donated $200,000.  Ang daming bumatikos sa China after that.  But really, we need to be thankful for whatever help comes our way – big or small.


I read this funny quote at one of my friend’s facebook wall.

I also read this post from the Washington Post.  Why the Philippines wasn't prepared for Yolanda.  Our country was compared to Japan after the tsunami.  They didn't loot.

Why though? Kasi they believed that their government’s help is on the way – fast.  I don’t condemn people who loot during this time of calamity.  They need help.  We (our government included) should give help fast.

Anderson Cooper’s Tweets

Today, the sensational issue that flooded my facebook wall was about Korina Sanchez’s response to Anderson Cooper’s tweets.  Defensive kasi si ate. Hahaha  

"Hindi nya alam ang sinasabi nya" ~Korina Sanchez

Si Korina ba alam ang sinasabi ni Anderson? :P

But I think, Anderson is telling the truth, kasi sya yung nasa Leyte mismo and not Korina.  Also, Korina is married to Mar Roxas who is currently our DILG Secretary who should be overseeing the situation. (sorry, not a fan of Mar and Korina LOL).

Read twitter comments here.

Slow Government Response

PNoy had his interview with CNN earlier.  He blamed the slow response of the government to the LGU.  Kasi first response daw should be from LGU.  Kaso few members of LGU lang ang present to work because a lot of them din ay nasalanta.  So how do we expect LGU’s to be our first respondent di ba?  No blaming na lang. 

Watch this video of Davao Mayor Duterte.  He went to Tacloban and had an interview na all people are victims.  Even LGU officials.  L 

Video link PNoy's interview.
Video link Duterte's interview.

Affected Victims

I have distant relatives living in Tacloban.  They are okay.  I was browsing through news yesterday when I came upon this video.

Jay Lacandazo is my former specialist.  You would feel ill when you personally know someone who is a victim.  Your heart will feel bad with all the reports and news about the devastation that happened, but when you personally know someone who is a victim, your heart will be broken.

Let’s help.  Whatever we can offer.  From monetary to clothing to food to materials they need.  But best of all, lets offer our prayers for the victims.  They need it.  Everyone needs it.


  1. Thanks for the information! It's very important to help!


    1. thanks for dropping by my blog, Fashion Lover. I do hope I could give more to those victims through this blog.

  2. I hope all of the relief will be givin to the victims. Check this Poem for all the Victim of Typhoon Haiyan

    1. beautiful poem, Daniel. I was touched. We really should not let go of our faith to God. God has wonderful plans for us. we need to wait lang talaga. Thanks for dropping by my blog

  3. we are very lucky that a lot of foreign countries have helped us =) I just hope that this time our government would be more considerate of the people. thanks for sharing dear. would you like to follow each other? =)

    1. hello Donna, thanks for dropping by my blog. i couldnt agree more. sana our government would be really considerate. kanina lang my husband shared to me an article from CNN showing how our politicians use this calamity for personal gain (campaigning early).

      PS: yes, let's follow each other :)


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