Sunday, November 24, 2013

Papa Speaks

Hello guys!

I started this blog mainly for the purpose of making Leo’s family who resides in the north to see how our baby Neo is growing.  My family is fortunate enough to be with us every week because they live nearby (tipong isang tumbling away lang).  But Leo’s family lives up north (mga 1million tumblings away) so, much as they want to be with us and see how Neo is growing, they can’t.  That’s the reason why this blog is born.

Through the time I was blogging, this blog has grown not just to show Neo’s progress and milestones but also as an online diary for a newbie wife and a 1st time mom like me.  How I deal with our day to day activities.  How parenting and home-making changed me.

But parenting and home-making is not just for us woman.  That is the reason I will be inviting some guest post from my hubby, Leo.  Daddies also do parenting and home-making.  This is the new generation and there are a lot of shared responsibilities already.

Don’t worry, mommies.  This will still be Baby Neo’s Mama’s blog.  I will just dedicate a small portion for Leo to speak.

So expect some entries from Neo’s Papa from time to time 

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