Monday, November 11, 2013

Searching For the Right Pedia

Baby Neo is sick again.  Actually, it's just colds and cough but since he suffers from stuffed nose, he doesn't feel okay during sleep time.  We all didn't get a good night's sleep yesternight due to his colds. 

Neo is almost 2 years old. But he has been hopping from one pedia to another. As a mom, I can guarantee that my kid is a healthy baby, but it doesn't diminish the fact that as a mom too, I should also be vigilant in ensuring that he is taken cared of medically by professionals. 

Neo would only go to doctors when he is sick – and that is not a lot of times.  We go to Jacob’s Ladder for his immunization.  We have come upon lots of doctors, but until now we haven’t found THE ONE.  Why is that so?  I am a very choosy Mama, that is why.

Ø  One pedia is not very gentle in handling Neo during check-ups.  When checking his throat for possible tonsillitis, she would just open his mouth without tenderness.  Of course, being sick, the baby would cry and be grumpy.

Ø  One pedia is always nagmamadali when dealing with check-ups.  We are paying patients, so we expect to be treated with importance kahit papano.

Ø  One pedia who is not nagmamadali and is very gentle in handling Neo is very late naman during check-ups.  For example, her schedule is 4-6PM, it’s already past 6PM and she’s not yet around.  Adults are mainipin when waiting that long… what more the kids di ba?

Ø  One pedia keeps on recommending tests to be done to the baby – even though it’s not a necessity.  Hearing Test, selling vaccines, etc.

So mommies, if you know or your baby’s pedia is not one or any of the above (preferably Cavite area), please do recommend them to me. I would highly appreciate it. J

Ooops, I almost forgot, Happy Monday, everyone! J


  1. I have someone to recommend you sana,kaya lang gee,,not Cavite ei..Hope Neo will get well soon..

    1. thanks, sis. sana nga he gets better na. hirap ng may sick bebe e.

  2. Pedia ni Rylee sa may Health Index, dun sya nagpapa vaccine at check up kasi tricycle lang kami papunta..mabait yung dra. Dra. Alberto name nya..Monday to Saturday from 9am-6pm.

    1. really? Health Index is where I was supposed to give birth had it been na normal delivery si Neo. dun din sya nagpaBCG. it's too far lang sa min kaya hindi keri and no health card sila :(


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