Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Mills Country Club

We spent our All Soul’s Day at the Mills Country Club in Calamba, Laguna.  It wasn’t planned, just an impromptu visit.  My lovely cousins just thought na they wanted a change of scenery other than the four corners of their home hehe

 “The Mills Country Club, Canlubang, Laguna, Philippines
Surrender to a delightful selection of leisure activities with a perfect touch of elegance and exclusivity here at The Mills Country Club. The only one of its kind South of the Metro, The Mills Country Club takes you to a world-class recreational complex that offers state-of-the art facilities and the finest services for your utmost pleasure.

The Mills Country Club is your escape away from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis. Bordered by naturally refreshing surroundings coupled with breathtaking views of the Tagaytay Ridge and Mount Makiling, The Mills Country Club offers a revitalizing treat for both mind and body.

Experience new heights of luxury and comfort here at The Mills Country Club in Canlubang, Laguna.”  - from their website.

The lobby (with my cousins and Papa and the sleeping Neo).

Sofa area in the lobby.

We were asked to pay Php100 each entrance fee consumable of whatever activity you try to enjoy.  They have function rooms you can rent.  A restaurant you can dine at.  A swimming pool you can use.  And lots of activities you can choose from.

Direction of list of activities to choose from.

Restaurant / dining area.

View of the swimming pool.

My family decided to use our consumable entrance fee in bowling.  I begged off kasi Neo is sleeping with Mamita and she can’t handle Neo in case he wakes up.  They were asked to bring their own socks.  Bowling game costs Php80/pax and shoe rental at Php20/pax.

Bowling area

My family enjoying their game.

And the final score is….

Neo woke up in the middle of their game and he was very afraid of the noise emitting from the bowling ball and the pins.

After playing, since Neo wanted to swim very badly, Angkang (my tita) and Tita Bevs swam with him.

That is Tita Bevs with Neo.

Photo ops of the pool area.  Very relaxing view.

Mama and Neo at the bridge area.

Family picture

Overall, we had a great time.  The staffs are nice and accommodating.  The place is so relaxing.   It offers a wide variety of activities which we haven’t tried all but will soon do.  And have I told you that the comfort room is very elegant?  It has a sauna, beautiful shower rooms, spa area, locker rooms, and Jacuzzi.  (no photo ops lang hehe).  We will definitely go back to this place. 

The Mills Country Club
Telephone Numbers: (049) 502-8000, (049) 502-1759
Telefax: (02) 584-4000


  1. wow.. love the place sis.. so nice.. ^_^

    1. yes sis. nice ung place though small area lang sya, super dami activities to enjoy.

  2. Hi ask ko lang. Need pa ba ng endorsement from a member para makapasok and magamit yung function room? and if may contact person kayo sa the mills. pwede po ba makuha? di kasi nag rereply the mills sa emails ko. thank you.

    1. Hi Vera, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

      No need for endorsement. we just called their number posted online and told them we'll walk-in, and go go go daw. Try calling them na lang. We were not asked for reservation din, but I'm not sure about function rooms ha?

      Share your experience pag natuloy ka :)

  3. Hey nhez.. How to go there?

  4. Replies
    1. im not sure how you call the place, Lac, but ung sa mercury (carmel mall) deretso dun. according to my cousin, from house nila, we can walk. may tulay daw going to the mills.


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