Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pre-Noche Buena Date with My Girlfriends

I had a very fun pre-Noche Buena date with my high school girlfriends. It has been more than 10years since I last saw these girls. 

Me, Erose, and Ana 

Me, Erose, and Lilac 

We met at Lilac’s home (our old tambayan before and after school hours).  We are a group of 6, but 2 are absent – R-lhyn is at her province and Rhaq has a sick baby to take care.

We planned to meet with each other to chat for 3hours initially since we want to spend the Noche Buena with our respective families, but with endless chatter, catch-ups, old and new jokes, problem-sharing, and laughing like the old times while eating, the 3hours became 6 hours. 

So when you meet with your girlfriends, who you haven’t met personally for more 10 years, what are the things you talked about?  These are the topics we shared. 

·         Old classmates, old teachers, old crushes, and everything old – these are our favorite topic.  We keep asking each other about our old classmates (I always have to ask who’s who because I don’t live in Laguna anymore so I really forget them na).  Erose has a prize for this one.  She knows all our old classmates, all our old teachers, all our old schoolmates, but has been struck with amnesia when asked about her high school crushes LOL J

·         The hit and misses of the old times – ah, this topic brings so much laughter in us.  Why though?  These are the things you want to forget because it brought so much shame on you back then but your beloved girlfriends keeps on reminding you these stuffs. 

·         How are you doing today? – well, what happened in the past years that we were not able to see each other?  We are updated in social media, yes.  But there are things you want to share with your girlfriends that you won’t share in social media – like what are you really doing at work.

·         What are you planning? – in the next 5 years, what are your plans?  Wedding? Going abroad?  You want them on the loop.

·         When are we going to meet again? – this should be planned during the catch up.  So we will see each other again! Yey!

I honestly missed these girls so much.  They made my high school life more fun.  No more absents on our next date, girlfriends, okies? J

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Nunag Family to Yours!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Xend Shipping Comes to Familia Nunag’s Residence

Hello guys!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was eventful. J

The Familia Nunag is shying away from the Christmas rush.  You won’t believe the traffic kasi.  Parang big parking lot lang ang kalsada.  We just decided to stay at home.  No, we didn’t clean and do chores.  We just stayed at home and REST, literally.

But since it’s nearing Christmas na, I received some gifts delivered by Xend.  

Look at these:

Pantene rewards from BDJ.  Sign up here and they’ll give you these Pantene products (in full sizes no less).

From Sample Room. I love the Sample Room.  I get to try the products first before I buy them – so I get the feel agad if I like the product or not.  No money wasted J

Since I’m a practical mom, and I’m encouraging you to be one too, try these online freebies too J

Happy Monday!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Who Does It Better?

When Mama was having her facial at Bioessence last week.  Look at what Neo was busy doing.

Now my question is: who does it better?  Neo or Virginia Torres of LTO? J hahaha :D

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bioessence at SM Dasma

Remember last month I attended Blogapalooza at SM Aura?  One of the exhibitors was MegaWorld Lifestyle Malls.  I was asked to do the roleta and I won something for “Wellness” and was given a voucher for a dance workout in Libis – which is sooooo far away from Cavite.  I had it exchanged, and they gave me this Premium Pass from Bioessence.

Since we don’t have anything planned last weekend and the voucher will be expiring soon (we are clearing away our schedule during weekends until next year because of the Christmas rush), I decided to use this.

Bioessence.  This is located in the newly renovated/extended area and is very hard to find.  Luckily this is on the way of Tom’s World – which is Neo’s preferred area hehe J

I was advised by the manager of Bioessence at SM Dasma, that the Premium Pass is not an overall facial.  It is just a trial and I was asked if I wanted to have the facial by adding Php400.  I begged off since I want to try it first.

I was asked to fill up their form then was ushered inside the facial cleaning area.

I was really pampered.  They use very fragrant products.  The therapist cleaned, massaged, and scrubbed my face first before steaming it (not sure what it is called).  After 30mins of steaming (which I fell asleep), the therapist cleaned my face too quickly.  I am not sure if it is because my face is clean talaga or because I just use my voucher. L She ended my facial with a face and back massage though J

I would definitely try their facial some time so I can experience the real thing.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dangers of Publicly Commuting

I go to work in public transportation.  We only use the car when we bring along Neo for his comfort – but Leo and I travel to work through public transport.  And while travelling, after paying the fare, I always go to sleep.

It is nearing Christmas already and we have to admit that travelling through commute is very dangerous.  Nagkalat na ang magnanakaw, holdaper, snatchers, and all the bad elements.  Nagcecelebrate din daw kasi sila ng Christmas.

Two weeks ago, while travelling to work via UV Express.  Kuya driver was on his phone telling his amigo about what happened to his co-driver.  Apparently, the co-driver is short of 4 passenger pa, so he let 2 suspicious looking men aboard his UV Express as passenger.  When they declared “holdap” wala ng nakapalag.  His entire passengers were asked to surrender their phones.  Even one of his passenger who happened to be a police officer with no gun with him, gave his phone.  The holdapers threatened the driver and police that if they do something they will kill all the passengers.  They carry with them 2 guns.

Nakakaloka.  You would even think, totoo kaya yung guns nila?  But why risk?

Some 4 years ago, I also experienced this.  The jeepney I rode to work, which has around 6 passengers + the driver and the wife and kid of the driver, underwent “holdap” at 8pm.  For those living in Cavite around Molino area, this happened near Avida Settings (boundary of Dasmarinas and Molino Bacoor).  That area is very dark.  There were 2 holdapers, 1 in the estribo banda holding a gun, and 1 in the middle holding a knife.  When they declared “holdap”, I, who is sitting at the back of the passenger seat, threw my pouch in front, at the wife and the kid of the driver.  The holdapers took the cellphones of 2 passenger and got out of the jeepney then cross the street and rode the jeepney going to the opposite direction, the other lane.

After the holdapers were gone, the Manong driver drove his jeepney to the nearest police station so the victims could file a blotter.  I instantly sent a text message to my mom.

Me: Mommy, naholdap yung jeep na sinasakyan ko.
Mommy: Hala! Nakuha ba ung cellphone mo???
Me: (before I could reply back while laughing)…
Mommy: ay, hindi. kasi nakatext ka pa.

So what do we need to do when we are in a public transport? 

·         Be Alert – well, I need to be constantly reminded of this.  I always sleep during commute after I pay my fare. 

·         Dress Appropriately – For people, who do daily commute, please wear appropriate clothes.  You don’t need to dress exaggeratedly.  Notice that people who are rich only wear bonggang clothes when they need to go to important events.  No need to wear your most luxurious jewelries.  These are takaw-snatchers.  Also, to avoid indecent stares from strangers, wear clothes that cover your body appropriately.

·         Don’t Bring Too Much – Since I worked graveyard shift before, I am accustomed to bringing only enough money for fare and food.  This way I won’t feel so much down if maholdap uli and I have to give out my Php200 to them. So bring only the money you need.

·          Observe – Like mother like daughter.  My mom also sleeps during public commute.  But unlike me who sleeps as in tulog, my mom sleeps lightly and does it once she was able to survey and observe the whole jeep.  So she’ll know who has bad intentions. 
Take note of passengers who are “maligalig”.  Often than not, they are masasamang loob.
Also, notice passengers whose hands you cannot locate.  Make sure both your seatmate’s hands are visible and that they are still.

·         Give It All – Worse comes to worst, and a holdap is declared.  Please give it all.  No need makipagagawan with your things.  No need makipagtawaran (Kuya, ung sim card na lang or Kuya, kahit ung ID ko na lang).  Always remember these people are anxious and worried.  They easily get startled.  Don’t give them the reason to harm you.  You can always earn the things they will get. 

Let me end by saying, "Constant Vigilance!" – a quote from Professor Moody, Harry Potter 4

Monday, December 16, 2013

Parenting Thought: Safety Belt

Neo is very malikot nowadays.  When you let him out of his crib and out of the house, he acts like a criminal on the loose.  We always walk around our village whenever we have free time, this is for all of us to exercise and burn some fats.  I consider this healthy as we live in a place that’s very provincial pa and has open area. 

However, this is not the case when we go to malls.  We have heard several horror stories of children who were kidnapped at malls.  Yes, the cctv captured the kidnappings but do we really want to risk it?  No, we don’t.

So when I chanced upon Safety First’s hand belt for children, I instantly bought it.  Papa Leo was against it at first.  But when I told him the risks of Neo roaming around the mall or even outside and malingat lang kami for just a second, he didn’t think twice.

 I’ve heard lots of comments about how Neo is “parang aso” when we use the hand belt on him.  We don’t care.  We use it for added safety – not the primary one as we all know that nothing can substitute our whole attention to Neo as a safe keeping measure.  The funny thing, our young man loves it. 

Watch this video about how a split second can change our lives forever.  A moment of neglect, a lifetime of regret.

Friday, December 13, 2013

My Take Away on Having a House Party

Deciding to do a house party is something you have to think more than twice.  Why?  It is very tiring.  Neo celebrated his 1st birthday twice: first, a birthday party at Jollibee Cagayan, and second, a swimming party at Laguna.  These 2 parties were not tiring as we don’t have to do a lot of things before, during, and after the parties.

So what are things we considered when we decided to throw a house party for Neo for his 2nd birthday?

·         Preparing the Food – you can order the food and you can prepare it too.  We are lucky enough to have Ate Espie with us because she is a very good cook. 

·         Amount of Food – caterers can estimate the amount of serving versus the number of visitors.  But we as normal people, really couldn’t.  You have to make sure you have enough food to feed all your visitors.  We prepared so much food that all of our guests were able to take home foods plus we were able to give foods to the neighbors and the guards.  And we still have food left.  Talk about over estimate hahaha :D

·         Cleaning the House Before – since you will be inviting guests over, you have to thoroughly clean the house.  Of course, you don’t want to entertain guests in a house that’s unclean and guests will be leaving nasty comments on how you keep your house, di ba?

·         Arranging the House – this is very different from cleaning.  There are things in the house that you are proud to let the guests know, but there are things that you want to keep for yourself.  Like example, I am okay that Neo’s over-large foam is in his crib but not all guests are comfortable seeing a foam that is not fitting the crib exactly.  So we have to arrange.

·         Designing the House – well, you can opt for no decors but it would be much festive if you decorate.

·         No Time Constraint – since this is your house and you didn’t pay a venue for some hours only (most venue a lot 2 to 4 hours for the party and off your guests go), be prepared to entertain guests until the wee hours of the morning.  Even if you’re tired already, you have to be the hospitable host.  You can’t shoo your guests away just because you are tired.

·         Cleaning the House After - you have to clean the house again after the party.  My suggestion is to use disposable plates and cups so you won’t need to wash dishes after the party – this is not healthy for the environment, but is very healthy for your sanity.

These are some of the things you need to consider before deciding for a house party.  Yes, it really is practical to have a house party, but you have to exert a lot of energy in doing this.  You have to store up a lot of patience in doing a house party. 

Hope this helps J

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Neo’s 2nd Birthday: Event Proper

We decided to give Neo a simple birthday celebration in our home.  We didn’t invite kids (so it’s not a kiddie party).  We invited family and relatives only for a lunch.  I’ll just photoblog, okay?

Mama and Neo before the guests arrived.

The food.  (We served small amount of food in our small table but we have lots and lots of foods in the kitchen that all guests had a take home).

Opening Ate Leleng's gift.

Opening of gifts.

 Mama and Neo after the party - haggard-looking mother and son hahaha :D

No proper picture of blowing of cake.  Bakit kamo?  Because I was carrying Neo and he keeps on wrestling me away from the cake because he is afraid of the lighted candle. 

It was really a tiring day but one of the most fulfilled day I ever had.  Hosting a small house party for our baby Neo. J

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Neo’s 2nd Birthday: The Cake from Vanilla Bean

Since we have decided to give Neo a Pocoyo-themed birthday, there is no question that we need to have a cake customized for him.  

I scouted Cavite cake-makers in the internet but most of them are from Bacoor or Imus.  We live far from Bacoor and Imus so we need a supplier near home. Luckily, I saw Vanilla Bean Cakes and Pastries.  This bakeshop is located at Tejero (my way to and from the office).   

Carrie, the owner, is very okay to deal with.  We only met 3 times.  1st when I asked for a quote.  Second, when we ordered the cake and gave her the design.  And 3rd, when I asked for update.  That’s it.  But she was able to give Neo a beautiful cake, do you agree? J

 We choose a very simple design of cake.  Why?  I just wanted Pocoyo as topper and I’m okay already.  As long as Neo could see Pocoyo, thumbs up na ako.

We didn't have the cake delivered since their location is close to us.  When we got the cake, Leo told me like 3 times, “super value for money” ang cake.  I didn't mind him lang.  I just thought, like me, he was just impressed with how Vanilla Bean was able to give Neo a beautiful cake.  But when I arranged the cake in its location sa table, wow, it was so heavy.

The birthday boy enjoying his cake J

It’s a very delicious pound cake. J  When we eat a small slice, everyone agreed na they felt full na after.  We are really impressed with this cake J 

So Mommies from Cavite, especially those who lives near Tanza, visit their shop.  You will surely not regret getting them.

Vanilla Bean Bread, Cakes and Pastries
Stall #5, Tejero Commercial Plaza, Tejero
Gen Trias Cavite

Facebook: Vanilla Bean

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Neo’s 2nd Birthday: The Theme - Pocoyo

Neo celebrated his 2nd birthday with a simple salo-salo in our house.  This is the 2nd time we invited guests in our house (1st time being our house blessing).  We opted a simple birthday for Neo this year. We just want him to enjoy.

Neo loves a lot of things.  He is very easy to please.  He loves Jollibee, Thomas and Friends, Ryzza Mae, and Pocoyo.  Mama and Papa decided to use Pocoyo as his theme, being Pocoyo is his latest eye-candy.

Since there aren't a lot of Pocoyo designs available in the market, I did most of Neo’s d├ęcor.  Printed and cut some Pocoyo pictures in the internet.  Made a DIY Pocoyo banner.  And voila!  Our house is swarming with Pocoyo design.

DIY banner made of Pocoyo print and cut pictures and cartolina.

 DIY fan design made of Pocoyo print and cut pictures and colored paper.

Neo’s Pocoyo themed cake.

And Neo’s Pocoyo printed t-shirt.

wouldn't be raving about the DIY decors I did simply because it is not very awesome.  But when we were putting the decors the night before Neo’s actual birthday, I will not forget his eyes and smile looking at all those Pocoyo designs I did.  Those eyes and smile saying: “Mama, I love what you did!”  And my heart swelled with so much love.  (A picture perfect moment we weren't able to capture L)

Neo's 2nd Birthday: The Cake from Vanilla Bean
Neo's 2nd Birthday: Event Proper

Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby and Family Expo 2013

After work, last Friday, Leo and I went to Baby and Family Expo at SMX MOA.  We planned to bring Neo along, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we just left him home - which was the best decision of all.  Why? Because, the mall is too crowded.  Christmas shopping na pala. J

Back to Baby and Family Expo.  It was full of exhibitors.  Let me photoblog.


Registration.  Where we were given free back issue to Working Mom magazine and bottled water.

Some exhibitors (its blurry, sorry L)

 Play Area for the kids.

And since its a Baby and Family Expo, a Diaper Changing area

We didn't stay long at the Baby Expo because the next SMX Halls are Bags and Shoes (which we saw my former specialists (Teen and Kevin) shopping as well), Clothes, and Toys Area.  Actually, we spent more time in these areas than in the Baby Expo hehe J

Happy Birthday, Baby Neo

My Dear Baby Neo,

Today marks your 2nd year of life.  I couldn't thank God more than enough for the best gift He gave me 2 years ago.  You gave my life a whole new meaning.  You brought so much joy in both Mama and Papa’s hearts.  May God bless you with a big heart.  Be a good boy always. 

Happy Birthday, Baby Neo J  Mama and Papa love you so much.

(Note: this post should have been published yesterday) 

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Pressure

Neo’s birthday is coming close.  I have received some online greetings as early as now for him.

From EQ:

From The Bump:

This is actually not a birthday greeting but one of their monthly note that my baby is already 24 months.  Pero nakakaloka lang their note about the 24th month.  Next baby agad pag 24 months na ang eldest child?  Kakaloka sila.

Leo and I are not yet planning on expanding our family.  But we both love to have more kids in the future (take note, in the future, not in the NEAR future.   And another take note, MORE kids. hehe).  There are pressure lang around on adding another bundle of joy in our family.  Number 1 sa pag pressure is my mom.

She would constantly tell us to have another baby because "malungkot" ang one child.  When we answer that yes, we will have another baby but not now.  She would say, "malungkot" pagmagkalayo ang age gap.  Pressure talaga!

One day I was really craving for something sweet and cold.  Then I told Leo, to ask for ice candy in the store at Mamita’s place. 

Lola Net (my mom):  Dalian mo, Leo. Naglilihi na yan si Nerisa. 
Me: OMG, nakakaloka ka, Mommy!!!!

And, one of my favorite mommy blogger is having another baby on her way.  Woot woot!  I am so happy for her.  Of course, I won’t tell kung sino sya since I don’t want to spoil her announcement, di ba?

For my mommy readers, do you feel the pressure na in adding another child in your brood?

Share your thoughts on this J

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Enjoy Philippines

One of the many business exhibitors in last month’s Blogapalooza is Enjoy Philippines. 

What is Enjoy Philippines?
          It is a privilege program which is your passport to a year long journey to good eats, healthful relaxation, exciting getaways, while saving you thousands of pesos.

My Enjoy card and Voucher Book which I got for free at Blogapalooza J

So how do we make the most of our Enjoy card?

Tip #1: Clip your favorite coupons, store together with your Enjoy card inside wallet. From Buy 1 Take 1 Deals, 50% off promos, to freebies without minimum purchase, Enjoy privileges provide unparalleled value and everyday savings. By keeping your favorite coupons and your card inside your wallet, you will never miss an opportunity for saving.

Tip #2: Download the mobile apps Enjoy Philippines for iOS devices and Enjoy VIP PH for Android smartphones, which provide a handy guide to privileges around the metro. Location aware and fully searchable, mobile apps ensure that you are never more than a few steps away from a place you can Enjoy. Simply log-in with your username and password and activate the electronic coupons on your smartphone!

Tip #3: Keep using your card and vouchers at Enjoy partners nationwide. Each month, Enjoy Philippines raffle off gift certificates from their partner merchants so your next meal could be free.

Tip #4: Share your experiences with friends on social media platforms. Post reviews on; share your experiences on our fan pages (; tweet @enjoyphil on Twitter; tag @enjoyphil on your Instagram photos, and you can be one of the lucky monthly winners to over Php 10,000 in gift certificates each month!

I am so excited to try out my Enjoy card. J

For more details, visit them at

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