Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dangers of Publicly Commuting

I go to work in public transportation.  We only use the car when we bring along Neo for his comfort – but Leo and I travel to work through public transport.  And while travelling, after paying the fare, I always go to sleep.

It is nearing Christmas already and we have to admit that travelling through commute is very dangerous.  Nagkalat na ang magnanakaw, holdaper, snatchers, and all the bad elements.  Nagcecelebrate din daw kasi sila ng Christmas.

Two weeks ago, while travelling to work via UV Express.  Kuya driver was on his phone telling his amigo about what happened to his co-driver.  Apparently, the co-driver is short of 4 passenger pa, so he let 2 suspicious looking men aboard his UV Express as passenger.  When they declared “holdap” wala ng nakapalag.  His entire passengers were asked to surrender their phones.  Even one of his passenger who happened to be a police officer with no gun with him, gave his phone.  The holdapers threatened the driver and police that if they do something they will kill all the passengers.  They carry with them 2 guns.

Nakakaloka.  You would even think, totoo kaya yung guns nila?  But why risk?

Some 4 years ago, I also experienced this.  The jeepney I rode to work, which has around 6 passengers + the driver and the wife and kid of the driver, underwent “holdap” at 8pm.  For those living in Cavite around Molino area, this happened near Avida Settings (boundary of Dasmarinas and Molino Bacoor).  That area is very dark.  There were 2 holdapers, 1 in the estribo banda holding a gun, and 1 in the middle holding a knife.  When they declared “holdap”, I, who is sitting at the back of the passenger seat, threw my pouch in front, at the wife and the kid of the driver.  The holdapers took the cellphones of 2 passenger and got out of the jeepney then cross the street and rode the jeepney going to the opposite direction, the other lane.

After the holdapers were gone, the Manong driver drove his jeepney to the nearest police station so the victims could file a blotter.  I instantly sent a text message to my mom.

Me: Mommy, naholdap yung jeep na sinasakyan ko.
Mommy: Hala! Nakuha ba ung cellphone mo???
Me: (before I could reply back while laughing)…
Mommy: ay, hindi. kasi nakatext ka pa.

So what do we need to do when we are in a public transport? 

·         Be Alert – well, I need to be constantly reminded of this.  I always sleep during commute after I pay my fare. 

·         Dress Appropriately – For people, who do daily commute, please wear appropriate clothes.  You don’t need to dress exaggeratedly.  Notice that people who are rich only wear bonggang clothes when they need to go to important events.  No need to wear your most luxurious jewelries.  These are takaw-snatchers.  Also, to avoid indecent stares from strangers, wear clothes that cover your body appropriately.

·         Don’t Bring Too Much – Since I worked graveyard shift before, I am accustomed to bringing only enough money for fare and food.  This way I won’t feel so much down if maholdap uli and I have to give out my Php200 to them. So bring only the money you need.

·          Observe – Like mother like daughter.  My mom also sleeps during public commute.  But unlike me who sleeps as in tulog, my mom sleeps lightly and does it once she was able to survey and observe the whole jeep.  So she’ll know who has bad intentions. 
Take note of passengers who are “maligalig”.  Often than not, they are masasamang loob.
Also, notice passengers whose hands you cannot locate.  Make sure both your seatmate’s hands are visible and that they are still.

·         Give It All – Worse comes to worst, and a holdap is declared.  Please give it all.  No need makipagagawan with your things.  No need makipagtawaran (Kuya, ung sim card na lang or Kuya, kahit ung ID ko na lang).  Always remember these people are anxious and worried.  They easily get startled.  Don’t give them the reason to harm you.  You can always earn the things they will get. 

Let me end by saying, "Constant Vigilance!" – a quote from Professor Moody, Harry Potter 4


  1. naku,, sobra tlga sis.. kung pwede nga lang na hindi na lang lumabas ng bahay eh,, !
    nagpapakahirap ka, yung iba naman walang habas lang kung kunin ang pinaghirpan mo.. tsk.!

    1. hay. lalo na ngayong christmas season, nagkalat talaga sila :(

  2. It's because of this we have truly averted public commuting. Kahit na karag karag na ang car namin, we prefer traveling with that and not go to any places if we have a choice. These criminals make our world smaller :-(

    1. good for you, Lani. I need to learn how to drive na talaga.


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