Monday, December 2, 2013

Fascinating Womanhood

Have you read this book?  I did – but just the ebook, and it was an eye-opener.  This book teaches married women (actually all women who has partners) how to be more fascinating to their husbands.  I got the copy from FemaleNetwork.  Here is the link in case you want to read it too. Link

Secret Number One:  Accept Him
You have to accept your partner daw.  I read this in one of Bo Sanchez’s books “I've accepted the fact that because I'm human, I'm terrific in one thing, good at some, mediocre at a bit more, and terrible at others.” 
Well, your husband is the same.  He is also human.  He can be terrific in his work, good at sports, mediocre in managing finances, and terrible at housework, right?

Secret Number Two: Admire Him
Women’s greatest need is to be loved.  Men’s greatest need is to be admired. You have to let your man know na you’re very bilib sa kanya – in all aspects.  Physical, mental, financial, spiritual, and etc.  Like example for physical, “honey, your muscles are so big and you look so strong”, or “darling, you’re so good at your work they’ll be giving you a promotion soon.”
Don’t worry your husband’s head will not swell naman because he encounters lots of people who can humiliate and deflate his pride din.  So our role is to make sure he gets his dose of admiration from us.

Secret Number Three: Make Him Your Number One
According to this book, men don’t want additional children once they have one.  Why kamo?  Because their wives put their children as priority #1 and it feels like competition for them.  Likewise in maintaining the house.  Men feel like the house is more important than them.  Always remember that the king is more important than the subordinates and the palace.

Secret Number Four: Allow Him to Lead
This is a bible verse: “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.” Ephesian 5:22-23.  SUBMISSIVE is a very uncommon nowadays, but men feel a boost in his ego when women became submissive to them.
So allow him to lead.  If you think you are better in decision making, suggest some nice opinions – but still make him decide. 

Secret Number Five:  Be good and serene
Being good and serene helps you in radiating positive glow.  I need to understand how to do this.  According to the book, you need to free yourself of all the anger you feel towards people who hurt you.  You need to free yourself of guilt you feel that you hurt.  You need to constantly pray.  Serenity and goodness will eventually emit in you.

Secret Number Six: Be a good housekeeper
This one is a major challenge for me.  My mom loved me so much that she allows me little to no housework when I was a young kid.  I will be honest in saying I am not a good housekeeper.  I can’t do house chores properly.  I can do some dishwashing, some cleaning, some washing of clothes, some ironing – take note, puro some.  Because I can’t do it perfectly.  And I don’t know how to cook. 
The book says, if you want your partner/hubby to love you so much, you have to be a good housekeeper.  So time to level up that some to more. Hahaha :D

Secret Number Seven: Take care of yourself
Men love curves.  They love shape.  No matter how much your hubby tells you that you look good, he is longing for you to have that shiny, long hair; that beautiful curve; that irresistible smile .  Proof?  Look at him when someone curvy and beautiful walks in front of him.  May second glance di ba?
The book says, we should eat right, exercise, take care of our hair and teeth.  Basta overall, take care of our body.

Secret Number Eight: Be Feminine and Dependent
What is femininity?  It’s the opposite of masculinity.  So try to be one.  Dress femininely.  Act femininely.  Don’t do masculine things if men are around to help you do it.  Like for example, you need that water gallon at the top of the table – if your husband is there, ask him to do it for you.  This makes them feel manly.  Another example, there’s a cockroach running abound – ask your husband to kill it for you.  This makes them protective.
Being feminine and dependent arouses your husband’s protective instinct for you.

Secret Number Nine: Just Ask with a Smile and Please
A lot of times, we women don’t get what we want from our hubby.  Why is that so?  It’s the manner we ask daw.  We do it like this: (1) Hinting -> (2) Suggesting -> (3) Demanding -> (4) Arguing -> (5) Nagging.  That is how we do it daw.  And most of the time it doesn’t work.  (I honestly agree with the pattern hahaha :D)
What do we need to do to get what we want?  Just ask with a smile and please.  How can they say this thing works?  Because little girls do just that when they need something from Daddy and voila, they get what they want  J

Secret Number Ten: Handle Your Anger Femininely
We have to still be feminine even if we are angry.  Why?  Kasi if we are otherwise, we arouse the anger of our husbands too.  So how can we be angry in a feminine way?  Well, there is one thing that stuck to my mind while reading this: Tears.  Tears arouse positive emotions from our husbands and relay to our husbands the reason of our anger. 
They say when little girls are angry and they do it the “cute way”, their parents feel protective and extend pity over them.  But when they show tantrums, their parents are napipikon and tend to get angry.  So we need to follow children’s lead: be angry in a “cute way”

These so-called secrets will help us daw to have a wonderful marriage and relationship with our hubbies and partners.  So try applying these secrets.

Funny thing was, on the course of reading this; I try to apply the secrets to Leo.  The secrets worked.  Leo has been hugging and kissing and telling me he love me always.

When I was at Secret Number Four, he chanced upon the printed ebook copy and told me about it. 

Me: sabi nila, the book will teach me how to be a fascinating wife sayo.
Leo: akala ko tuloy sinasapian ka. Tatawagan ko na sana sila Mommy e.

Kaloka.  Ganun ba kadrastic ang change ng attitude ko after that book?

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