Thursday, December 12, 2013

Neo’s 2nd Birthday: Event Proper

We decided to give Neo a simple birthday celebration in our home.  We didn’t invite kids (so it’s not a kiddie party).  We invited family and relatives only for a lunch.  I’ll just photoblog, okay?

Mama and Neo before the guests arrived.

The food.  (We served small amount of food in our small table but we have lots and lots of foods in the kitchen that all guests had a take home).

Opening Ate Leleng's gift.

Opening of gifts.

 Mama and Neo after the party - haggard-looking mother and son hahaha :D

No proper picture of blowing of cake.  Bakit kamo?  Because I was carrying Neo and he keeps on wrestling me away from the cake because he is afraid of the lighted candle. 

It was really a tiring day but one of the most fulfilled day I ever had.  Hosting a small house party for our baby Neo. J


  1. I'm planning to spend my daughter's birthday at home na lng din mas practical noh?.

    1. hi sis, yes its more practical but super daming things you need to think about. I'll be posting my thoughts on house party, sana u can get tips din :)


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