Friday, December 6, 2013

The Pressure

Neo’s birthday is coming close.  I have received some online greetings as early as now for him.

From EQ:

From The Bump:

This is actually not a birthday greeting but one of their monthly note that my baby is already 24 months.  Pero nakakaloka lang their note about the 24th month.  Next baby agad pag 24 months na ang eldest child?  Kakaloka sila.

Leo and I are not yet planning on expanding our family.  But we both love to have more kids in the future (take note, in the future, not in the NEAR future.   And another take note, MORE kids. hehe).  There are pressure lang around on adding another bundle of joy in our family.  Number 1 sa pag pressure is my mom.

She would constantly tell us to have another baby because "malungkot" ang one child.  When we answer that yes, we will have another baby but not now.  She would say, "malungkot" pagmagkalayo ang age gap.  Pressure talaga!

One day I was really craving for something sweet and cold.  Then I told Leo, to ask for ice candy in the store at Mamita’s place. 

Lola Net (my mom):  Dalian mo, Leo. Naglilihi na yan si Nerisa. 
Me: OMG, nakakaloka ka, Mommy!!!!

And, one of my favorite mommy blogger is having another baby on her way.  Woot woot!  I am so happy for her.  Of course, I won’t tell kung sino sya since I don’t want to spoil her announcement, di ba?

For my mommy readers, do you feel the pressure na in adding another child in your brood?

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  1. if ako ang masusunod, gusto ko pa din ng isa..babay boy naman sana..kaso syempre si Lord ang masusunod di ba? took us 7 years before Rylee came, kaya di ko alam if madali na masusundan si Rylee..medyo complicated kasi ang pregnancy ko because of APAS. .ang prayer ko WAHM na ako if my baby number 2 na :-D

    1. prayers will help talaga. super powerful yan. naku, i-push yang pagiging WAHM na yan kahit wala pa si baby #2 :)

  2. Natawa naman ako sa Tip of the Month nila.

    Yay! dagdagan na si Neo! Hehehe.


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