Monday, January 6, 2014

Flying with a Toddler

Being a practical mom, our flight for the holidays was booked months and months ago (I love booking during promo fares J).  I am so excited about this flight.  Neo had rode an airplane eight times (counting our last flight), but he was still a baby then.  This is his first flight that he already knows what an airplane is. 

Admiring the view.  He so loves airplane.

Flying with a toddler in tow is something you want to be prepared with.  Here are the things we did (and some things we should have done) to say we were prepared for Neo’s airplane ride:

·         Don’t book an early or late flight – unless you want to feel like a zombie preparing for an early flight. 

·         Pack light (and all the essentials) – this is something I need to learn.  When you’re travelling with a child in tow, you tend to pack the whole of your house.  I’m guilty of this.  I packed all Neo’s essentials and non-essentials L but I still forgot to pack his HMO card.  Thanks to my ever responsible hubby who didn’t forgot it, Neo’s HMO card flew with us to up north J

·         Pack lots and lots of snacks – I don’t know where kids put all the snacks they eat, but they do eat a lot.  So pack as much foods as you can.  You and your kid will need these.

·         Entertainment is the key – toddlers can be easily bored.  You have to bring lots of things to entertain them.  We brought Neo’s ever reliable tablet for him.

·         Let them be exhausted BEFORE the flight – so they won’t exhaust you DURING the flight.  I am very glad to say that starting take off until landing, Neo was asleep the whole journey.  Giving Leo and me a very peaceful flight.

·         Record all the memories – your kid won’t be remembering this flight some years from now.  So make sure you bring a camera or cellphone with you to record all the memories you will be sharing with him after.

Hope this helps when preparing to have that memorable flight J

Happy Monday, everyone! J


  1. Good Job Neo for flying 8 times! :)

    1. thanks, sis Jen. Actually, its a good job for being behave the whole time :)

  2. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips!

  3. I think it's good to let kids get used to traveling when they are still young. They will be interested to learn and travel more when they get old :-)

    1. I agree. let them explore while they are young (same goes to us) kasi when you are old na, there are things na that would restrict you from doing it.


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