Monday, January 13, 2014

Lei @ 18

Lei, Leo’s only sister, is officially a lady today.  But since we were home during the holidays, she decided to have an early celebration (she’s so sweet, right?). 

She just had a simple celebration at their compound (that’s what you called the area where family and relatives live fairly close to each other, right?).  They transformed the simple alley into something fabulous.

She had her 18 chocolates and 18 thousands (first time I heard of this), as well as 18 candles, 18 treasures, and 18 roses.  Neo was part of Tita Lei’s 18 chocolates. 

Leo of course is part of Lei’s 18 roses together with all his brothers and cousins (they breed boys hahaha) and Papa.  Papa was teary-eyed during their dance.  That must be because his baby is now a young lady. 

I was part of her 18 candles and 18 treasures.  Since I so love reading books and I heard very good review of Joshua Harris’ books, I gave her Boy Meets Girl.

After the program, it’s eating time.  The very joyous moment and with the place crowded with people, Neo is starting to be so malikot.  We have to go upstairs from time to time to watch TV. 

It was one fun party. J

And Lei’s one amazing lady.  Why?  In the morning, she did most of her preparations with the help of her best friend, Joshua, who is one amazing guy; who I think will make it big in events decorations.  By party proper, she was all smiles and was a very nice host.  By evening, after the party, she cleaned the house.  Whattagirl. :D

Lei, you just don’t know how Kuya Leo is so proud of the young woman you have become.  And I couldn’t agree more Happy Birthday!

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