Thursday, January 16, 2014

Marriage Retreat

Leo and I are married for almost 3 years (but we’ve been together for 7+ years, we got married on our 5th year as sweethearts).  It may be too early to join marriage seminars and retreat but we did grab the opportunity when our church had last November.

Victory Dasmarinas and Victory Tagaytay had a joint Marriage Retreat at Royal Parc Hotel where Victory Tagaytay is currently holding their Sunday service.  It was a half day event.  Initially, it was scheduled as an overnight event like the past Marriage Retreats (this is conducted yearly), but due to the Typhoon Yolanda, the organizers opted for us to use the funds as donations to help the victims.

Leo and I arrived at Royal Parc Hotel Tagaytay exactly 8am.  We registered as soon as we arrived and took our seat while chatting endlessly with the church members.  This is a very jolly group.

Mr and Mrs Nunag at the Marriage Retreat

While waiting for our speakers, the organizers held a game called Chickie Dance.  Well, we danced like chicken at first (I got worried that I might experience painful arms and shoulders again like the Chooks-to-go fly at Blogapalooza L), then we were asked to make it special by doing something as a trademark for us couples.  It was a fun activity J

Around 9am, our speakers arrived.  They are Pastor Chico and Mary Ann Dela Pena of Victory Alabang.  This couple celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary this year (what a milestone).  Here are the sessions and points they discussed to us.

Session 1: Power of Togetherness

Being together is something that couples need to do talaga.  This is not only in physical aspect.  You have to be together in bringing each other up instead of bringing each other down.  You also have to agree together in your God-given responsibilities (wife to submit, and husband to provide and lead).  You are strong when you are together. 
Leo and I applied this in our marriage e: “we need to grow individually together”.  Why?  Kasi we are different individuals who were raised differently.  There are a lot of times we clashed with each other, but we need to work things and rise up together.

Session 2: Power of Words

Words should be expressed to AFFIRM, BLESS, and HEAL.  Why AFFIRM?  To affirm the strength of our partners.  Why BLESS?  To exude positivity and blessing.  Why HEAL?  Because words are powerful that can heal broken emotions.
I read this quote somewhere: 10% of disagreements came from the real REASON, 90% is the words use and the tone expressed.  So we must be careful with our words, especially to our husbands.

Session 3: Power of Commitment

Commitment is a strong word.  When we enter marriage, we need to be committed.  When we are committed, there is openness and honesty in the marriage, there is security in the marriage, and there is trust in the marriage.

During the session we were asked different questions and were given time to have small talk time with our spouses following the rules: (1) honesty to spouse in answering the question (2) listen with no protest, and (3) have an open heart.

This retreat is very refreshing in our marriage.  We may be newbies in marriage (being married for almost 3 years pa lang), but along the way we encountered several hardships that will test and strengthen our relationship.  Attending this kinds of retreat will help us in overcoming any bumps in our blissful married life.

The plan next year is to spend the Marriage Retreat at Palawan.  Wow.  Hopefully Leo and I could join pa din J


  1. Thanks for sharing this sis.♥♥♥

  2. Replies
    1. tuloy na ang palawan marriage retreat this year. crossing fingers we can join, ate bevs. kaso we are planning another trip on december.... waaah!

  3. Haven't been to marriage retreats but I think this will be a nice bonding experience for couples. I hope we can attend one in the future :-)

    1. you're right, sis. its a nice bonding experience for the couples. it's like a date with learning.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Nerisa. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, Nerisa. :)


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