Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy Days

I’m sorry that I have been missing in blogging action for a lot of days L  The reason: I’m so busy at work.  I tried, and am still trying, to multi-task but I think I need to add a couple of hours a day to be able to do all my duties.

I need to be at Santiago, Isabela by Monday.  Initially I thought Santiago is just 4 – 5 hours away from Manila.  My bad, its 8 – 10 hours away pala.  I traveled to Santiago via Victory Liner Sunday night and arrived early at Isabela.  Had a meeting the whole Monday with our partners there – and went home Monday evening.  That was my first time to travel by land that long.  I thought I could make it without a sweat.  I am wrong.  Now, I am sick with coughs, colds, sore throat, and headache.  L

I posted this picture in my facebook and Baby Neo’s Mama’s page.  I was so kilig that the bus number shows 19-03, our anniversary J  When I went home, Leo told me: “Nakakatakot ka, love”.  Then I remembered Tado posting the same picture of his Florida Bus signage “Bontoc” before he died.  Kakaloka.

I am a very pleasant passenger.  I sleep kasi during travel.  But during this particular travel, I was not able to grab a good sleep.  Why?  The bus is so cold.  I have my jacket with me, I wore socks, and I even have a blanket with me – but it’s still freezing cold inside the bus.

But the drivers of Victory Liner are so cautious.  They are not kaskaseros.  I am so accustomed to buses here at Cavite that zooms like a rocket at Cavitex.  But Victory Liner drivers are very careful in driving.  I was home safely by Tuesday.  And got the sweetest kwentos of all: Ate Espie saw Neo in the crib saying:  Bless Mama, Bless Papa, Amen.  Waving his hands to praise the Lord.

I am one proud Mama 


  1. Good luck Sis and keep safe. :)

  2. Ako naman I'm super takot in riding bus, as in hindi ako nakakatulog the whole ride kahit pa 8hours ang byahe. And I really hate those kaskaserong bus driver. Hay!

    Anyway, good to know that you enjoy your trip! :)

    PS. After a long time ngaun lang uli ako nakapag blog hop! :)

    1. after all the accidents involving buses, I wont blame you, Sha, for being afraid in riding the bus.

      Super enjoy and super pagod sa trips. Thanks for dropping by :)


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