Monday, February 3, 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi 2014!

I moved to the normal working hours shift last year – and since then has enjoyed Philippine declared holidays so much J  One of these holidays is the Chinese New Year.  This 2014, it landed on a Friday, which means – loooong weekend for me!!! J

So where did the Familia Nunag go last Chinese New Year?  Where else, the oldest Chinatown in the world: BINONDO!

How did we get there?  Easy.  We used the car and park it in my office then use the ever reliable LRT.  Neo rode the LRT last year when we went to Ongpin too, but is not yet a fan of trains.  So now that he is, I was very excited to let him ride it.  He enjoyed the ride but keeps on hugging my legs – he’s scared of the train hahaha :D

Binondo is swarming with people.  There are some dragon and lion dancers.  But the dancers that are causing too much crowd and noise are the Filipinos dancing in ati-atihan costume and asking for donations!  Nakakaloka!  The Chineses must be revolted by this but they can’t do anything eh.  Free for all ang area na yun.

Lion and Dragon dancers.

Also, Binondo is full of lucky charms.  Look to the left, the right, in front, backwards, even 90 degrees slant, there are lucky charms being sold.  Take note, it’s not just crystals and beads, even fruits!

We also passed by the old Binondo Church.

According to people, food tripping is very nice in Binondo.  But don’t do food trips during Chinese New Year.  The line is unbearable.  We ate lunch at 3pm, somewhere in Pasay pa.

Also, stay away from the middle of Ongpin St. at 12PM.  That is the time they start their firecrackers.  We were going back and forth that area since we were looking for a place to eat.  We experience their firecrackers full-blown.  Suffocation to the highest level ang usok L

We had so much fun going back and forth Binondo last Chinese New Year.  Kung Hei Fat Choi from Mama and Neo (Papa acted as our photographer). 


  1. Wow, I'm sure enjoy pumunta sa Binondo pag Chinese New Year. Will try it next year! hihi..:-D

    1. super enjoy - but the crowd is super nakakahaggard. try it next year because Rylee is bigger na. kaya be prepared sa pagbubuhat.

  2. Sooo cool. I haven't experience the Chinese New year in Binondo.. uhmmm I wish I could next year.. haha

    1. go go go next year, sis Jocris. its so fun. Ivy will enjoy it


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