Thursday, February 6, 2014

Neo @ Manila Zoo

Ever since I heard the news that they are proposing to transfer Mali, the lone elephant at Manila Zoo, to Subic I’ve been dying to bring Neo na to meet him (or her ba).  But due to the Holiday rush last year and the measles outbreak, I don’t want to travel to Manila muna.

When Leo and I decided to spend the Chinese New Year at Binondo, I squeezed in a visit to Manila Zoo. 

Manila Zoo rates:

I’ll photoblog Neo’s interaction with the animals.

Mama and Neo with Mali at the background.

Papa and Neo with the crocodile as background.

Papa and Neo with the Zebra and sheep.

Neo with the Lioness looking at the picture.

Feeding the goats.

Manila Zoo is also the house of a Zorse or Hebra (I am not sure what it’s called.  Basta the offspring of Zebra and Horse).  We saw it but wasn’t able to take a decent picture since its inside its kwadra.  It’s like a brown Zebra.

Manila Zoo has a big playground – which honestly is the main attraction.  Kids and parents are just playing around and having some picnic.  Manila Zoo kasi don’t house too much animals L

They also have areas where you can do picture taking with animals like parrots, pythons, and crocodile.  Cost Php100 per shot.  The number of prints differ lang by the size.  Anyway, I am amenable taking photos together with the parrots and pythons eh, because parrots are not harmful and pythons don’t bite, they constrict – and I think people around will help you when the python try to constrict you.  But with the crocodile, that is something different.  What if maisipan nyang manakmal and kagatin ako?  Nakakaloka.

Manila Zoo is no longer the happy place I used to know when I was a child.  Before kasi, Manila Zoo was a very nice attraction.  Now that there are lots of zoos competing with it, I think, they could do better with more activities, more animals, and cleaner place.

Let me end this blog with a nice family photo.


  1. Wow!! I miss visiting Manila Zoo.. It's been a while since the last time I went there. bata pa ko nun lol! ang mahal na ng entrance huh!

    1. naku, so true. last time i went there mga 5-6yrs ago ata, it was just php15-20.


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