Monday, March 3, 2014

Charina’s Suites Hotel, Santiago Isabela

I went to Santiago, Isabela for work.  No pleasure was included in my itinerary.  I was needed there Monday.  So what I did was schedule a trip Sunday night to Santiago, and scheduled a trip back to Manila Monday night.  It was exhausting.  

But my stay at Santiago was a pleasant one.  The major reason being Ms Gina and her husband Sir Pete.  They were very gracious hosts.  Super alaga ako for that day alone.  From sunrise to sunset to nighttime.  

Another reason for this pleasant stay is Charina’s Suites Hotel – the hotel I stayed at during my one day stay at Isabela.  Let me give you a photo tour.

My room.  This is very small but is complete with a double bed, a study table, LCD TV, and a nice bathroom.

View from my balcony.

View from the outside.

The restaurant (cafeteria area).  We held our meeting in here.

The hotel rates are as follows:

Room Type
Bed size
One person
Two persons
Junior Suite
1 Double Size Bed
Php 1,700
Php 2,100
Deluxe Suite
1 Double Size Bed
Php 2,000
Php 2,500
Executive Suite
1 King Size Bed
Php 2,500
Php 2,700
Charina’s Suite
1 Kind Size Bed
Php 3,500
Php 5,000

Two persons
Four persons
Family Suite A
2 Queen Size Bed
Php 4,500
Php 6,000
Family Suite B
2 Queen Size Bed
Php 4,000
Php 5,500
Family Suite C
2 Double Size Bed
Php 3,500
Php 5,000
Barkada Suite
4 Double Deck Bed
Php 6,000

I was not the one who looked for this hotel.  It was Ms. Gina who arranged the hotel for me. And I am so lucky she got Charina’s Suites Hotel.  Why?

1.   They have very courteous and helpful staffs.  From helping me bring my cargo to arranging the wi-fi in my room to all the things I requested help for, they were there doing it for me.  And smiling along the process.
2.   They have affordable rates.  From the hotel rooms to the foods. 
3.   They allowed super early check-in for me.  Remember, I arrived at Santiago by 6AM.  I was able to check-in early at 7AM. J

The only thing that got me slightly sad about this hotel is:

The 3 in 1 coffee.  I was expecting something brewed for hotels.

But all in all, other than the 3-in-1 which, as a colleague of mine pointed out: there’s a McDonalds selling brewed coffee outside, I can guarantee a nice and pleasant stay in this hotel J

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  1. hahahaha! i would be sad too kung Nescafe 3-in-1 yung coffee ko :P


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