Sunday, March 23, 2014

Familia Nunag @ Cebu – Mactan Resorts

We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary at Cebu.  I have some work to do at Cebu so I just tagged Leo and Neo along.  And since this trip was not planned, we booked a super duper early flight (6AM) because it’s the cheapest fare. 

Low energy because he woke up so early.

We were up so early.  No delayed flight for us.  And as expected, Neo and I slept through the flight.  When we touched down at Cebu airport, Mamita and my cousin, Ate Mae were there to fetch us. 

Since we are already at Mactan Islands, we decided to tour the place before we go to Cebu City (where our hotel is).  We went picture taking at some resorts at Mactan. 

First stop: Shangri-La Mactan.  This is a nice place and the overnight stay costs daw Php12,000 the cheapest.  I think I’ll hyperventilate sa price. LOL

Second stop: Imperial Palace Resorts Mactan.  I’ve been to this place last 2009.  And since then I have been telling Leo I want to bring him there.  But booking this hotel resort now is so expensive.  We just content ourselves with picture taking.  

This resort have beautiful swimming pools.  And a lot of the guests are Korean.  I think this is a Korean-owned hotel resort. 

Last stop: Bluewaters Maribago Mactan.  My Tita Belle is a member of this resort and she gets to have free entrance, so we were able to swim at this place.  This is not the most beautiful of the resorts we went to but this is beautiful nonetheless.  

They offer villa-like rooms, not the hotel type which is very nice for vacations. They have a man-made beach in the middle of the resort.  Many people choose that place for their wedding daw. 

We didn’t pay for anything so I can’t include prices.  Please go to each resorts' respective websites for the updated prices J

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