Thursday, March 6, 2014

Family Weekend Kwento #8

It’s almost the end of the work week – but I’m still busy.  This will go on until summer L and needless to say, last weekend, I was at work to finish some tasks I left over last Friday (I hope this will not be the case this week).  I brought Papa Leo, Neo, and Ate Espie with me.

We had lunch at Max’s where the little boy busied himself scribbling at the paper place mats

After that we went to SM MOA to do our groceries.  Last week and up to now, me, Leo, and Ate Espie have coughs.  We've been coughing so much in the house.  Thankfully Neo has strong immune system that he didn't catch the virus (until now, and hopefully will not until we all get well).

By Sunday, we had Neo's haircut.  When you have a baby boy, you have to have their haircut every other month.  Because when the hair grows so long, the head gets itchy, and smelly due to sweat. Having Neo’s haircut is now a challenge.  The moment he sees a barber, he would cry, shake his head, and wail.  A promise to eat at Jollibee after the haircut made Neo stop crying.

The little boy’s new haircut.


  1. Cyler just had his haircut too last weekend, Neo is cute in his new do btw! Sakto pala for Neo yung recent blog post ko. There is really something with haircut that scares the babies noh?

    Sana weekend na! Advance happy weekend, Nerisa and fam! :)

  2. Oh hello there handsome!. Good job with the Immune System and I hope Mom and the rest get well soon. :)

  3. thanks everyone for dropping by. up to now, Neo is still okay and I'm still not. limit lang the hugging and kissing para hindi talaga sya mahawa


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