Monday, March 10, 2014

My LA Adventure (Legaspi, Albay) – Part 2

Legaspi, Albay is a must see place in the Bicol.  But like I said in the first part of my blog, all adventures and tourist spots are centered in just viewing the beauty of Mayon.

After visiting Cagsawa Ruins, someone from the tourism office (I’m not sure if this is true), sales talked us to trying the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle).  Zac Efron tried it daw when he went to Albay – who am I to say no di ba?

ATV costs differ from the trail to the type of vehicle.  Our team chose the nearest trail: Cagsawa Trail.  I rode the 350cc ATV.  It cost me Php699.  (The 500cc will cost Php1499 for the same trail).

After registration and payment, we were briefed.

A test drive was done before we started our ride.

Then off we go. 

This ride is not for the fainthearted.  The trail has a lot of rocks and stones in it, so for the whole duration of the ride, I felt like I will lose my balance and be trampled over by the ATV.  Also, I experienced hand and wrist pain after the ride.  But it was worth the experience. J

Next stop: Lignon Hill. 

This is the small hill beside Mayon Volcano.  This is not really that close to Mayon.  PhilVocs has their Observatory in here.  And the nice part is, they made this hill a tourist attraction and you can see the whole city when you’re up there. (Entrance: Php20 per person). 

View from the top

I had a blast at Legaspi, Albay.  My stay was quick but with an efficient (and free) tour guide, I was able to visit Legaspi’s pride J

My LA Adventure (Legazpi, Albay) - Part 1
Ninong's Hotel, Legazpi Albay

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