Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Quick Island Cove Getaway

I blogged before that I love getting discounts offered by group buying sitesLast year, I grabbed a promotion for 2 day pass at Island Cove’s Animal Island and Oceania Water Park.  It was nearing its expiry already, so we decided to use it two Saturdays ago.

Leo had something to attend to so it was Ate Espie, Neo, and me who went to Island Cove. 

A shuttle brought us to the main island.

We decided to visit Animal Island first so we can lounge all we want in the pool after.

This is the safest distance that Neo will allow us to have his picture taken with the goat.

Island Cove’s Animal Island is a vast place that houses only few animals.  But the experience we had there was so fascinating.  Why?  When we entered they had 1-year old Jasmine out of her cage for photo ops.  Both Neo and I begged off that opportunity.

Playful Jasmine with her caretaker.

After 30 mins of walking through Animal Island and getting to know some ostriches, peacock and peahens, ducks, monkeys, and cassowaries, we arrived at the Crocodile Farm.  They have 19 crocodiles residing in that area.  Crocodiles at Island Cove feed on dead chickens.  As per the caretaker, they can’t feed live chickens to crocodiles as it will be considered animal cruelty.

A shot of Mama and Neo with the Baby Croc.  Neo was crying before this picture.  We just told him, the baby croc is a stuff toy.

Another shuttle brought us to Oceania Waterpark. 

We paid Php100 for tables and chairs.  Oceania has a lot of slides and some boating activities for kids but the entire time we stayed at the kiddie pool (2 to 3 feet deep) because Neo loves that area.

The kiddie pool has a small slide in it where we indulge Neo to try as much as he want until he accidentally outbalanced me (I was carrying and helping him at the slide).  Instead of me sliding to the pool, I slide back to the grounds which left me a knee scrape as souvenir.

Other than the knee injury I got, we had so much fun at Island Cove and we will be visiting this place again very soon. J


  1. That looks fun nga!! Mabuti na lang naniwala si baby neo when you said na it was a stuff toy crocodile. Hihih! =)

    1. it was still as a rock kaya siguro he believed us. hehe

  2. Island Cove is in Kawit sis di ba? maganda din pala dyan..:-D

    1. yes sis, kawit lang. the place is nice lalo na if you go sa morning when not so many people are swimming na.


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