Monday, April 21, 2014

Accidents Do Happen

I am one brave person.  Or so I think before I saw blood gushing out of my son’s head.  I think that is something that would reduce a mom’s heart to pieces.

Last Thursday, Lolo Jun and Lola Net decided to celebrate Tito GB’s graduation.  There are issues with reservations as everyone wants to do vacation during holidays.  So we found ourselves at Ternate Beach Resort once again.

Since we didn’t have prior reservation, we were able to have 2 cottages (with almost 30 people).  No vacant rooms were offered to us since the resort OIC told us that 2 weeks ago they were already fully booked.  So we contented ourselves in renting out a tent for overnight usage.

And that started the problem.

When night came and it was time to sleep, Neo was having issues in the tent.  He doesn’t want to stay anywhere near it.  He was crying the whole time he was inside the tent.  So we just decided to let him stay outside. 

Neo was being consoled by Ate Espie and his Angkong.  The area was so dark that Angkong, who was holding Neo by the time, tripped in a root of a tree.  (The resort cut the tree and left the lower part of the trunk and root still intact which is very dangerous.)  Neo and Angkong fell in the grounds. 

Everyone was grabbing Neo and checking if he was alright since he was crying so hard.  I rushed to him and saw blood gushing out of his head.  Auntie Ruth was telling me: “Wag kang mataranta, Nerisa” and Leo was so calm in checking his son and also telling me: “Love, wag ka magpanic”.

I was about to cry and let two tear drops fell when I looked at Neo who was looking at me.  I instantly remember what my Tita Nenet told me before when my cousin was in the same condition: “Kahit gusto kong umiyak, pinipigilan ko.  Kasi alam kong sa kin lang sya kukuha ng lakas”.  I hold back the tears and just hugged Neo.

We went to the nearest hospital and had him patched up.  He has a lot of wounds but we focused at the cut in his head.  The doctor didn’t feel the need to sew it and just patched it up.  Neo was given antibiotics afterwards.

We went home and slept soundly in our bed.  I woke up the next day crying so hard.  I know I am not a bad mom.   I know Neo is doing okay (as he was jumping up and down the next day).   I know that no one wanted it to happen.  It was called accident for a reason.  I just wanted to cry the tears I wasn’t able to cry the night before.


  1. Awww.. heart breaking talaga to see our babies get hurt no?! Keri lang yan mommy Nerisa, just let it out ;)

  2. Oooh.. Poor little one. Yes, accident do happen. We can't see it coming and it can make us panic talaga, thats normal however, your Tita is right. And kids will panic too when they see their Mom on panic mode. Good to know that Neo is safe.

  3. awww!!! HUGS ate! Hugs for Neo! miss you both!

  4. aww Hugs Ate! Hugs for Neo too! Miss you both <3 see you again soon!

  5. oh my...if pwede lang talaga hindi mangyari ang mga accidents. it is so heart breaking na makita sila na umiiyak or nasasaktan. Regards to Neo and hugs to you sis! ♥♥♥

  6. So sorry to hear about the accident. Don't feel bad mama, things like this do happen. Although it is hard not to shed tears!

  7. Thank God naman, Neo's fine. I'm glad you mentioned about not crying in front of your kid when's hurt. That's something I have to work on. When my son's hurt, he ends up comforting me kasi iyakin talaga ako ;)

  8. thank you everyone for the concern. Neo is doing okay (more than okay as he is more active and playful after the accident).


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