Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aliwan Fiesta 2014

I was missing in blogging action for the past days.  The title of this blog post is the reason. 

AliwanFiesta is an annual event that gathers different cultural festivals of the Philippines in Star City Complex in Pasay City wherein contingents compete in dance parade and float competitions, as well as in a beauty pageant.

Thursday night was the DC League competition wherein hiphop dancers get to compete as the best in that category.

Friday night was the Reyna ng Aliwan pageant night.  Beautiful ladies from different parts of the country vie for the title and bring prestige to be crowned as the Festival Queen.

With Steffi Aberasturi who represented Sinulog Festival of Cebu.  She was crowned Reyna ng Aliwan 2014.

Saturday night was the grandest of all.  Different contingents from all over the Philippines compete showcasing their own festivals. 

Different Festivals around the country.

I, together with my partner, was assigned to the Malaysian TV9 crew who had covered Aliwan as part of their upcoming show called Fest (to my readers from Malaysia, watch out for it).  They will be showing different festivals from Asia and Aliwan will be shown tentatively on August 9 and 16.

I was so tired the whole week and until this week but the experience was so worth it.  I had so much fun.

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