Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cabalen SM Mall of Asia

My only brother, GB, graduated from college last Friday.   We didn’t plan to celebrate right away.  We just decided to eat out for lunch.  However, since last week (and this week) is graduation week and everyone will be dining out, we found ourselves having a hard time looking for a place to eat.  We ended up at Cabalen in MOA.

Cabalen is an all-day buffet.  It costs Php398 per person and Php60 for bottomless drinks.  Let me show you some pictures of the food.  (I didn’t take too much pictures because there is not much to capture).

What are the pros and cons in choosing this buffet?

Pros: It’s an all-day buffet.  There is no time limit as to how long you will eat.

·         Too few food choices.  I have been to a lot of buffet and by far, Cabalen at SM Mall of Asia has the fewest selection of food.  When I search the internet (as I always do), some would say they serve lechon but we were unlucky since that day they opted not to.

·         They ran out of food.  You will hear customers asking “may ganito pa?” and waiters will respond “mamaya pa sir. Mga 30 minutes.”  This is a big no-no for buffet.

·         Staff Problem.  This is just my opinion.  The staffs/waiters at Cabalen are courteous, yes.  But there are a lot of times that when asked, they will just stare at you as if they don’t know the answer to your question.  Like when Leo asked “Red tea ba yan?”, the waiter just look at him.  He was the one serving the drinks and he just need to answer yes or no, but he didn’t.

Would I recommend Cabalen at SM Mall of Asia?

I will not.  If you have other places to eat, I’d say please go there.  I will just echo the words of one irate customer that day (who told it to the waiter who just stared at him), “I paid almost Php500 per person and your food choices are too little and you don’t refill agad.  I should have gone to ***** and just add Php200.  I could have been satisfied.


  1. ganun ba? I was convincing my boyfriend pa naman to try Cabalen sa Moa kasi one time we saw it eh. Konti lang pala ang choice of food. buti I came across your blog. sayang lang pala ang money kung ganon. hmmm..

    1. actually I am someone na very easy to please. as long as its what we call 'value for money' ay okay, i'll recommend it. cabalen kasi i feel dont give me the most value for the money i spent e.

      thanks for dropping by, Mommy Abisyosa :)


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