Sunday, April 6, 2014

Familia Nunag @ Cebu – Crown Regency Hotel and Towers

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers was our home when we went to Cebu last month.  Since we have a lot of things to do at Cebu, we only stayed at this hotel during night time and on our last day.  This place has so much to offer.  We were able to try a lot of it, but not all.  But before I list down the things we tried, I’ll show you our hotel room and the rates first.

Our hotel room is located at 33rd floor (yes, too high) and with a very beautiful view of the city.


Room Type
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
Superior Deluxe
Php 5,390.00
Php 6,370.00
Junior Suite
Php 7,350.00
Php 8,330.00
1BR Presidential
Php 17,150.00
Php 17,150.00
2BR Presidential
Php 22,050.00
Php 22,050.00

*They have member’s rate too.  So much cheaper than the regular rate.

Here are the things we tried at Crown Regency:

Sky Adventure: SkyWalk

The Skywalk is located at the 37th floor of the hotel.  Here you will be walking around the hotel’s exterior.  It’s a walkway which some parts are composed of glass so it would look transparent below.  You will be asked by the guide to pose by hanging one of your feet out.  I didn’t oblige.  I was so scared.

Sky Adventure: Edge Coaster

This ride is located at the 38th floor.  This is just like a ride circling the hotel.  The fun part (scary for me) is the ride tilts 45-50 degrees so you will have a view down.  You have control of the tilting but the first 10 secs will be automatic.  My eyes were closed most of the time. I was so scared.  What if we fall?  Maulilang lubos ang anak namin L (morbid.)

We don't have a photo at the Edge Coaster.  You are not allowed to bring anything during the SkyWalk and Edge Coaster.  Your valuables may fall kasi.  There is a photographer with you and they sell your photo (hard copy only) at Php120 each.

BTW, when we were trying the Sky Adventure, there's a fire happening at the informal settler's area.

Target Shooting at Ultima Sharp Shooter's Club

We were given free vouchers for target shooting.  Three bullets apiece per voucher.  We paid for the target paper separately at Php130 each.  Leo tried it first while I watch.  When it was my turn, I chickened out.  The gun was so heavy for me and the deafening sound while watching Leo do it were 2 factors for me not to try it.

4D Theater

This is not my or Leo’s first time to try a 4D ride.  So we were not that excited.  But when I asked the reception area, they told me kids Neo’s age are free.  So it made the 4D ride something to remember.  The whole 10mins, Neo was howling and crying and shouting inside the 4D Theater. Good thing, it was just the 3 of us inside.  I wouldn’t try this again with Neo.  He must have been so afraid.  Bad mama. L

Swimming Pools

Crown Regency has 2 swimming pools - an outside pool and an indoor pool.  Both have chair and bed water massage.  We stayed most of the time at the indoor pool.  I can’t tolerate the cold water at the outdoor one.

There are other activities to try too.  Crown Regency has a zip line from one tower to another, rappelling from top to bottom of the hotel, gym, bars, a Casino Filipino at the 3rd floor, Spa and Massage, Salon, and a lot of dining areas.  A whole day won’t be enough to try all of what Crown Regency has to offer.  


  1. WOW! Skywalk at yung pools lang na-enjoy namin, hihihi! wawa naman si Neo sa 4D theater. haha!

    1. wawa talaga sya sa 4D. he was crying all through out. kaloka.

  2. My guts were quivering looking at your photo doing skywalk! I don't think I will find the courage to do that. We only tried the 4d and my son enjoyed it.

    1. that was the 2nd time I did the Skywalk. i promised myself the 1st time na i wont do it again. but Leo insisted. kaloka, I wont do it again uli. hahaha

  3. Wow..really nice,, The pool is really cool. I havent experience to try the 4D.Wish I could.. wawa naman si Neo..

    1. they have nice pool. lalo na the chair and bed massage. i can stay there all day.


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