Monday, April 14, 2014

Get Hooked on Do-It-Yourself

I am a fan of do-it-yourself as evident of the decorations I did for Neo’s 2nd birthday.  But I will be honest in saying that I am not very creative.  I like to borrow ideas in the internet.  Just one click and I’d have a thousand suggestions. 

So when I saw the Good Housekeeping-3M’s Get Hooked on Do-It-Yourself event in our Mommy Blogger’s group, I signed up right away.  This is like hitting 3 birds with 1 stone for me.  First, I get to meet my fellow mommy bloggers; second, I get to learn a lot of DIY ideas; and third, I again saw Team Kramer in personal J

with Jen of I am Mommy Bave.

So yesterday, off to Megamall we went.  The event started on time at 3pm. It was hosted by Angel Jacob.  There were a lot of activities and a lot of giveaways from Good Housekeeping and 3M.  Team Kramer were interviewed for the event as well.  

Team Kramer as they were interviewed for the event.

Some of the Mommy Bloggers I was fortunate to meet at the event. (We don't have a group picture L)

But the highlight for me was learning a lot of DIY for our little home.

Here are the list of DIY presented in the event.  I hope you can share this too.

·         Create a picture wall. 
·         Hang a curtain rod.
·         Organize fashion accessories.
·         Organize and get things of the floor.
·         Display kid’s art.
·         Hang things from bedroom door of cabinet
·         Add string lights in a room or to a shelf.
·         Hang a lamp from the ceiling.
·         Create a tablet station in the bedroom (my personal favorite that I will surely try).
·         Hang buntings and decorations.
·         Create a backdrop for parties.
·         Hang backdrop for your own DIY photobooth.

If you are creative, the list could go on and on. 

And if you are like me, who doesn't want to ruin your walls by drilling holes and who doesn't want to spend too much and pay for someone who will do it, 3M products are best for you.  Why?  It’s cheap enough to do it yourself and its sturdy enough to hold your decorations and things.

Different 3M Command Hooks and other products you can use too J

Thank you Good Housekeeping and 3M for this fun-filled event full of bright ideas to make our home beautiful.


  1. Dami mo nnamang giveaways ate. Haha! ang cute nyo ni Neo. magkamukha kayo :*

    1. useful giveaways yan, bevs :)

      and yes, magkamukha kami ni Neo. (just dont tell Leo :P)

  2. Woow.. Ang lapit2 ko lang pero, I missed this event,I am looking forward pa nman to see team Kramer too, but haysss. sayang.. maybe next time..

    1. aw. I was looking at you sa event, sis. I asked someone pa na i thought kakilala mo. next event dapat present na taung lahat :)

    2. ayy naku naku naku.. I will make sure of it.. ^^

  3. I like reading Good Housekeeping magazine and that's nice they have event like this and the giveaways are always a winner!

    1. i love attending events like this too, Gladys. I'm learning a lot of things kasi.

  4. Glad to meet you too Nerisa! Sobrang saya nung meet ups ng Mommy Bloggers. Plus the event itself is so fun! :D See you soon ulit

    1. So happy to meet you too, Camille. next event more chika dapat :)


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