Thursday, April 3, 2014

Unexpected Doctor’s Visit

Last Saturday, Leo and I went out to process some papers and do some grocery shopping.  When we arrived home, we were greeted by the news that Neo hurt his left arm when he tried to go down from the sofa.

He woke up from his nap crying so much.  He won’t let us touch his left arm and let that arm just fall on his side.  The mommy in me panicked, so we went to the clinic nearest our home.  During the trip, I would constantly asked Neo what area is painful and he will point at his left lower arm.

By the time we arrived at the doctor, Neo looks perfectly fine.  No more crying.  Left arm can be moved.  But for my peace of mind, we had his left arm x-rayed.  Neither fractures nor dislocation were seen.  Thank God. 

Doctor said Neo must be crying because of trauma.

When we arrived home, we decided to jog around.  Neo happily joined us.

Yan ba ang napilay?

Happy Thursday everyone! 


  1. Glad to know that Neo turned out unharmed. Babies do get scared and cry when they are caught by surprise, like you I would have done the same and get the doctor's advice for peace of mind.

    1. I know he was okay because he can play na when we arrived sa clinic. but for MY peace of mind talaga ung xray hehe :)

      thanks for dropping by, Marie

  2. Replies
    1. true. mukhang nabigla lang talaga sya.


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