Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Quick Tagaytay Trip

Last weekend we decided to go to Tagaytay to meet Neo’s Lola Belle.  Lola Belle and her family lives in Cebu so the rare times she goes to Manila, we always make sure to meet her.

We were up so early.  Our first stop was Mahogany Market.  This is where you can try the best-tasting bulalo that Tagaytay has to offer.  We already had breakfast so we just ordered bulalo and 2 cups of rice (for Neo and tito GB). 

Kapeng Barako, pineapple and bananas are free.  We paid Php380 for all.

The market is a slaughter area for cows.  Beef are sold cheaper in here than anywhere in Cavite. 

There’s also a lot of fruit bearing plants being sold in front of the market.  The small calamansi plant has a lot of fruits already.  We have calamansi plants in our small garden (was planted more than a year ago but still don’t grow fruits).  I asked the vendor why, he told us that maybe we water it daily.  Calamansi plants should be watered thrice a week only.  Our calamansi plants are watered twice a day every day.  That’s the reason why.

Next stop Sky Ranch.  We didn't enter; we just parked outside because we thought this is where we will meet Lola Belle.  But we didn't catch her there so we just content ourselves with photo ops then off we went to Picnic Grove.

Entrance at Picnic Grove is at Php50 per pax and Php35 for parking.  We met Lola Belle in there and did a quick tour in the area.  We need to rush because we were trying to catch the 4pm service of our church (its Sunday kasi).

The view of Taal Volcano never fails to amaze me. 

If you’ll be going to Tagaytay because you’re thinking that the weather is better in there than in any other parts of the country, don’t waste your time.  Tagaytay is too hot nowadays.  Visit Tagaytay sometime in August to experience the cool weather that it’s famous for.


  1. You're right Nerisa, it's too hot in Tagaytay. Our team had a road trip there, supposedly visiting nice places pero sobrang init grabe. We ended up in Laguna for biglaang swimming instead. =)

    1. wow. i'd love to go swimming din sa laguna. pantanggal init.


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