Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Family Day of Victory Dasma

We are attending church services at Victory Dasma.  Last May 1, a declared holiday, Victory Dasma held its Family Day.  Since Leo and I have no plans that day, we registered to attend and play the games.

Is it yellow or green team?

And yes, we need to show patriotism before the games begin.

There were different games played by 4 teams.  All of these games are Filipino games with some twist.  It was so fun that everyone gets to join and play.

Here is the list of games which you can play too:

·    Agawan ng Salbabida – two teams compete.  15 players per team.  Each player is assigned a number.  The game master shouts a number combination and all players assigned to that number will try to get the tire (salbabida), which is at the middle of the game area, in their home base. 

·   Pinoy Football – or what American’s call soft ball.  The same set of rules applies.  I was part of our team’s players and yes, I was kicked out the moment the ball touched my foot L

·   Patintero – this is just the normal patintero.  We just tweaked the point system.  Instead of 1 point per home base, we put a point in every entry pass.
·      Tamaan Tao – or what American’s call dodge ball.  20 players fpor the playing team, 6 players for the opposing team.  This game is where the ball hit me in the forehead.  I was really not lucky that day L

·       Catch the Ball – 10 players in the game area with baskets in their head.  Two big sling shots 2 meters away.  The players in the slingshot area will use it to throw the balls in the game areas.  Players with baskets in there head will catch the balls. 

In the middle of the day, Leo experienced headache so he just rest while we play.  Being a lampa (not sporty person), I tried to join the games but eventually just became a cheerer in the end.

It was one happy event though.  It’s not every day that Leo and I get to play games with each other.  Hopefully 5 years from now, Neo will be joining us in this family day as a player himself J

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