Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Weekend Kwento #10

Last weekend was a tiring one and that’s the reason I’m sick right now (cough and colds L).  Friday night, we got complimentary tickets for the Transport Show at SMX. 

The hubby was so happy while roaming around SMX.  Too many luxurious cars his eyes feasted upon.  But what got my interest was the remote control cars drifting in a corner.  I had Leo took a video of it so Neo will see – and the little boy was so happy J

Saturday morning was the time for our flu vaccine.  Flu vaccine should be administered yearly for better protection.  Better safe than sorry. 

Playing while waiting for his turn. 

We then went to Laguna and spend the whole Sunday at Sol Y Viento Resort to celebrate my cousin, John-john’s birthday.

He’s a certified bakasyonista.
We had a very tiring weekend but fun nonetheless J  How did you spent your weekend, guys?

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