Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Day High

I am so excited to bring Neo to school.  I think I am more excited than him. 

It was Neo’s first day of school yesterday.  I decided to take a half day leave so I can accompany him.  He goes to school for 2hours only (8AM to 10AM).  What happened at his first day?

I was so worried because Neo sleeps late at night and wakes up late in the morning.  But yesterday, he decided to wake up early – he must be excited too.  He drank his milk while watching Thomas and Friends (the apple of his eyes at age 2.5years).  He then prepared for school.

We took public transport when we brought him to school.  We don’t want him to get accustomed to his Papa’s car when going to school – baka masanay. 

It was chaos inside the Barangay Day Care.  From moms to dads to guardians to kids to teachers and assistants – everyone was present.  The school was a small one.  It was decorated with a lot of stuffs.  The area was so hot.

Neo was so enticed by the toys at the cabinet area.  He won’t sit down properly.  He was crying not because we will leave him, but because he wanted to play.

Neo was the youngest but clearly not the smallest.  He was not the most kulelat too.  The teacher asked the students to draw circles and color them.  And the drawing earned the little boy his first star! J

He’s happy with the star.  He’s just tired of smiling because we keep on capturing photos of him. hehe J

It was a good way to start schooling.  I hope he won’t be bored and would finish the school year.  Good job, anak!  J


  1. Good Job Neo!! Hihih. He was so cute sa mga photos nya. Tingin ko din happy sya sa star nya, mejo hindi lang talaga halata. Haha. Baka tired na nga. =)

    1. thanks, Mommy Jen :)

      hehe, tired din kaming lahat sa first day. hopefully makatapos kami ng school year.

  2. Very good, baby Neo! :) Enjoy ka lang baby dearest! Wag ka ma-pressure. hehehehe! Btw, nursery na din si baby Scarlett, pareho kayo. hahaha! <3 I miss you!

    1. enjoy sya sa school :) sana wag magsawa agad.

      they're meant to be :)


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